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Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani)

Butter chicken is one of the most popular Indian restaurant curries that can be easily made at home from scratch with a range of spices and yoghurt.
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15 Mar 2010
Reviewed by: jax
Ok I decided I wanted to use fresh chilli instead of dried, I tasted the chilli and found it was really hot so I only put half of it in the dish, then when it was made I couldnt taste any heat at all! Next time I will try the dried. The other drama I found was that at the end of cooking, the sauce seemed too thin, so I thickend it with a little cornflour. This might of been because I forgot to deseed the tomatos as the recipe stated which probably produced more juice. I also thought while I was eating it that I would have liked more flavour and thought that I would add more spices, maybe half again what the recipe called for, but... when I ate the leftovers the next day the flavours were much fuller. Will definitely make this again and follow the recipe precisely! This was tasty tasty tasty! Thanks
03 May 2011
Reviewed by: catsdlh
Didn't have capsicum so left them out. Used a tinned of diced tomatoes well drained in place of fresh. Fab result - tasty, easy and liked by all. Will be a new fav in our house!
18 Aug 2013
Reviewed by: MelanieGallon
Had a great kick to it! Very tasty indeed
15 Jan 2012
Reviewed by: Pbarrett
Followed recipe except for tomatoes which I substituted for canned diced tomatoes and the dish turned out really well. The flavours were strong, the sauce a little runny due to not draining the tomatoes. Served with brown rice, thumbs up all round. Next time I'll add another teaspoon or two of chilli flakes.
07 Sep 2008
Reviewed by: Calypso
As another reviewer noted, this is not like "restaurant style" Murgh Makhni. On the other hand, authentic Indian food is seldom like American-style "Indian" restaurant food. Thick gravy is made in restaurants by the addition of cornstarch or other thickener. No Indian cook I know does so. While the recipe calls for two onions, the size of onions varies greatly - up to grapefruit size. I'd suggest using onions to taste, especially since people vary wildly in how well they like onions. I think the suggested size for the chicken is too big, I'd go for about an inch cubes and then it'll cook more quickly too. Prep time is about right. Somebody complained about the ingredients being incorrect - that again is a matter of taste. There is no one recipe for any Indian dish, although some vary less than others. India's a big place. I've seen simpler recipes and I've seen more complicated - Indian cooks are typically a LOT more inventive than most American's I know. This one is typical of the dish as served in many, though not all, Indian homes. The bell pepper is not so typical in India, but many Indian cooks use it stateside because of the ready availability here.
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23 Mar 2010
Reviewed by: DRCLAIR
This is not a bad place to start. I used 2 more tomatoes, less onion (half of one), 1 more garlic, and fresh fenugreek leaves. I skipped the yogurt and used fat free half and half. A pound of chicken is also a bit much. I used one good sized breast. Also, use whole caradmom/cloves/cinnamon. Where is the turmeric?
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21 Feb 2008
Reviewed by: natashav888
This is nothing like authentic butter chicken. Several wrong ingredients are used and are prepared incorrectly. It really is so completely different that it should not be called butter chicken at all. Most annoyingly of all, the prep time stated is grossly inaccurate unless you are superwoman.
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13 Jan 2011
Reviewed by: zelda
Great recipe. I doubled the garlic and didnt use red peppers.
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04 Sep 2007
Reviewed by: J Bowers
This dish tasted fabulous. Just the right amount of spice, and lots of flavour. Your house will smell wonderful when cooking this dish. Served with naan bread on the side to soak up the sauce - which there is plenty of. This did not turn out like the traditional butter chicken in Indian restaurants. Sauce was not thick, however the dish is delicious nonetheless.
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17 Mar 2009
Reviewed by: MONICA397
This was an excellent recipe. Easy to prepare and very tasty. The only substitution I made was using cayenne pepper for the crushed red pepper. I can't imagine it tasting all that different with the crushed red peppers versus the cayenne pepper. This is a definate keeper. My hubby loved it as well as children. Not too bad if I don't say so myself.
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