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Chicken and Rice Biryani

My husband's mother taught me this recipe, an authentic Hyderabadi-style biryani that is a trademark of home-cooking in south India. The chicken, spices and rice all cook in the same frying pan.
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30 Aug 2012
Reviewed by: pilaf
Very nice recipe. I skinned the chicken, replaced the butter with olive oil and used half amount (~60g). Used full cream yoghurt at room temperature to avoid curdling. Added a few extra indian spices such as cumin seeds, mustard seeds, turmeric, curry powder, etc. Added a few veggies such as carrots, snow peas, etc.
31 Jul 2009
Reviewed by: JShree
Actually, this recipe is incomplete. I hail from Hyderabad. I don't see any instruction to layer the meat and the rice. Although we suggest 1:3 water for rice, this is not standard. You must vary the water according to your rice. And yes, please use a good basmati rice for best results. Using about 2/3rd of the water required to make the rice, cook rice separately till half cooked. Now place a layer of chicken 'curry' then a layer of rice then chicken again and top off with rice. Each layer of rice should be sprinkled with a saffron solution: soak about a teaspoonful of saffron in a cup of milk before you start cooking the chicken. This will be well soaked by now. Sprinkle half of it over each layer of rice. Cover pot tightly. If you do not have a tight fitting lid, make a stiff dough with wheat or all purpose flour and seal the pot. Now place it on a low-medium flame and finish the cooking: about 15 minutes. Try this. A lot of trouble but worth the effort. Hopefully I justified my two star rating.
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05 Sep 2005
Reviewed by: PICO79
This recipe was excellent! Very different from the mughalai version of biryani. I made a few modifications though because I did not have all the ingredients. I used biryani masala (available at all indian grocery stores) instead of cloves. I also doubled the quantity of chili peppers bcoz I used the tiny red Thai chilis and we like it hot in our house I used boneless skinless chicken breasts and added 2 potatoes too (I love potatoes in biryani). The recipe is definitely a keeper.Thank you for submitting it.
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12 Oct 2005
Reviewed by: RK
I wanted to tell everyone that there is no need to temper the yogurt. It will not ruin the dish if you add it all at once. It may look curdled but it is fine. Lipstickfetish, you didnt need to throw away the dish! Sorry!
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25 Jan 2007
If you have never cooked with yogurt you should know about 'tempering' before you make this dish. Sorry to say that I found out the hard way, and after 30 minutes of cooking ruined the entire dinner when the addition of yogurt caused the sauce to curdle! Determined to get dinner on the table, I did remake the entire recipe- this time using great care to add the liquid slowly to the yogurt. The end result was good and I will make it again.
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05 Jul 2005
Reviewed by: DOROTHEA2
Excellent combination of flavours. Instead of water, use chicken stock by dissolving a stock cube in boiling water. Will go soggy if too much liquid is added.
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13 Apr 2008
Reviewed by: ejwheeler
This recipe is virtually indestructible. I made A LOT of substitutions and still the flavor came out rich, the texture was great, and the presentation beautiful. I didn't have cloves, so I substituted cinnamon. I didn't have whole chicken so I used chicken breast, and to compensate for flavor, used a bullion cube when adding water. I didn't have curry leaves so I used dried curry and I didn't have green peppers so I used one red pepper and cayenne powder. I didn't have any problem with curdling -- used a thick Dutch yogurt. I didn't have jasmine rice so I had to use risotto. I can see that the jasmine would have been better (lighter and fluffier) and that cloves would have been better than cinnamon. But all in all, it still tasted great!
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22 Sep 2007
Reviewed by: LApagmom2
Giving it rating so I can add a comment. With yogurt if you use full fat yogurt it usually wont look curdled or chunky. The low fat or fat free ones will. It doesn't change the flavor though.
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11 Jan 2007
Reviewed by: AnMei
This was wonderful, but I need to suggest one major change to the recipe -- use basmati rice, not jasmine/regular white rice. This biryani is very delicately spiced, as it should be, and the yoghurt adds a nice touch. My local market was out of curry leaves at my last trip, so I used just a bit of mild curry powder to add extra flavor. Also, make sure to invest in ghee for this recipe. I would actually give the recipe just under 5 stars due to the kind of rice suggested, but it was altogether a great biryani.
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27 Mar 2009
Reviewed by: rehan
Nothing like any authentic biryani I have tasted, and most of my friends are Indian/Pakistani. Know that if you make this dish, it is a very watered down version of biryani, to the point of not being biryani. It's almost plain rice with chicken.
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