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Quick Thai Prawn Curry

This is a super easy curry with only 5 ingredients that takes no time to make, especially if you buy prawns already peeled. Serve with rice.
Reviews (63)

24 Sep 2011
ah.1965 said:
I added zucchini, capsicum and celery.
24 Sep 2011
Reviewed by: ah.1965
What an easy and tasty red curry.
27 Feb 2014
Reviewed by: JaneWilson
I use this all the time...adding about a tablespoon of brown sugar sweetens it up
14 Feb 2003
Reviewed by: GUYCHEF
If you like Thai food, this is a great recipe. I made it twice, once with regular coconut milk and once with "Lite" coconut milk. I think the taste is better with the "Lite". I think it seems too "heavy" with the regular. Another bonus is the fact you shave two thirds of the calories and fat off by using the "Lite".
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20 Jul 2004
Reviewed by: ROSAYVR
Hubby and I are big fans of curry. Admittedly we like more "complex" flavours, so I added ginger, cilantro, lemongrass and freshly squeezed lime juice. However...this is really quick, easy and really quite flavorful. Will definitely make again!
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02 Dec 2002
Reviewed by: ZOEMC
My husband and I love Thai food. This was wonderful, but pretty spicy, so be warned. You can use any curry paste (it comes in red, yellow, green, panang and other varietis); they are available at a Thai market. I served this with lime wedges, jasmine rice and fresh chopped cilatro. You can also add pineapple chunks and green onion to the rice. If you add chicken broth, chopped green onions, juice of half a lime, and a can of corn (drained) this makes a great soup, also served over jasmine rice with fresh cilantro. You can use shrimp or chicken very thinly sliced.
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14 Jan 2003
Reviewed by: KAIDIBUG
This was definitely excellent! The one suggestion I have is to add vegetables (peppers, onions, etc) to soak up some of the extra sauce!
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09 Apr 2006
Reviewed by: Blondie
This is a nice simple, basic recipe that leaves room for lots of creativity. Just the kind of recipe I love. I used jalepeno peppers instead of chili, and also added cilantro and ginger along with other veggies. I also added lime juice and pineapple chunks when finished cooking. I agree with others and suggest you start with 2 tsp of red curry paste and then adjust for taste. The sauce is soupy until you add the rice to it and allow the rice to absorb the liquid, which it will do. I used chicken stock to cook rice then added rice to coconut milk and continued simmering another 5 minutes. The beauty of this recipe is you can add whatever veggies and other spices you want or have on hand, or just leave it simple. You can even use frozen veggies too!
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15 May 2006
Reviewed by: By the Lake
I know this sounds weird, but, add 2 large julienned, unpeeled, seeded cucumbers during the last 5 minutes of cooking. AND 10 - 15 Basil leaves. Also substitute GREEN for RED curry. AN EXCELLANT DISH.
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29 Dec 2003
Reviewed by: JENNY8258
The 2 cans of coconut milk that the recipe called for was way too much. Beware of how much coconut milk you use. Secondly, the one chili pepper I added made the recipe flaming hot and practically impossible to eat. I ended up having to dilute the recipe with a lot of water. Even with all the added water, it was too spicy.
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