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Elaine's Shepherd's Pie

This is my comforting version of Shepherd's Pie that my whole family loves! It is amazing that such a simple dish can be so good.
Reviews (15)

27 Apr 2009
tinkerbel said:
Used different ingredients. i used baked beans instead of the vegetables and put those in straight from the tin to the mince and onion in the pan then transferred to an oven proof dish and put mash potato ontop then put in the oven emmmmmm gorgeous plus quicker and easier and you can even put cheese ontop
16 Oct 2008
Reviewed by: lawry1978
I thought this was a wonderful dish, the whole family enjoyed it, especially the kids.
29 Sep 2009
Teddles said:
Used different ingredients. Instead of just frozen peas, I used peas & corn. The blokes at work reckoned it tasted great. The pie disappeared in about 1/2 hr.
16 Oct 2008
lawry1978 said:
Used different ingredients. I also added 3 tbsp of BBQ sauce to the mince mixture to bring out the tomato flavor a bit more.
04 May 2011
Reviewed by: Wairemana
i swapped tomato puree for a tin of canned tomatoes. easy to make and tasted great! loved it!
15 Nov 2008
joank said:
Used different ingredients. I misread the amount of tomato puree required, and used 800g of tomato puree instead of 2 tablespoon. The result was a tangier, chunkier, thicker mince mixture. I would probably repeat this mistake again,except with only 400g of tomato puree. I was also liberal with onion, garlic, stock and parsley.
29 Feb 2012
Reviewed by: cookiemonster1251992
i have to say that i too didn't follow everything exactly, made it to taste but it still turned out pretty close to the recipe in measurements at the end. I would never have thought of using tomato paste in the mince part and i have to say it really did give it a boost. I didn't put the cheese on the top of the mashed potato though as my boyfriend doesn't like getting large chunks of it (as can happen) i put it in the mashed potato itself so it melted through, it was delicious and he loved it.
27 Apr 2009
Reviewed by: tinkerbel
it was nice but i must admit i prefer my version. worth trying a change. why not try my recipe maybe they could be combined even more x x x
25 Apr 2016
Reviewed by: KarenLim
I made this for a Chinese Buddhist family party so had to change the beef mince to lamb mince because of their religious requirements. Also, Chinese people usually dislike the strong smell of lamb, so I added balsamic vinegar, oyster sauce and extra garlic. For the mashed potatoes, I added in ground nutmeg courtesy of my Swiss-trained chef uncle's training to improve its smell. The guests raved about it and everything was gone!
09 Mar 2016
Reviewed by: Leeesah
It was my first shot at shepherd's pie and it turned out great! My kids even want to pack the leftovers for lunch at school tomorrow! I did change it a bit, I only used 1 onion and 1 carrot, and added 2 more tbsp of tomato puree and a bit of extra stock powder. To the potatos I added a little bit of hot milk, and sprinkled some extra grated cheddar when baking was almost done. Also, for noobs like me, don't add the remaining watery sauce, just scoop the meat mixture out (I had to google to check )


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