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BBQ Pineapple Salsa

BBQ pineapple salsa made with jalapeno, coriander and lime juice is a refreshing addition to barbecued chicken, fish or pork.
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08 Jun 2015
Reviewed by: Robynnsmom
This is fabulous ~ I used this recipe to top on my shrimp burgers ~ which I get requests for all the time ..... I will definitely make this again.. I added extra lime juice, a 1/4 teaspoon of ground cumin, 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon. I did not spray the pineapple just the grill itself. Try this you will love it... did I mention that I don't even like pineapple?
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20 Aug 2014
Reviewed by: Nicole F.
Wow. I doubled this recipe but halved the cinnamon (to 1/2 tsp because cinnamon is strong). I served this salsa with a marinated pork tenderloin from this site tonight and will serve the rest with chicken tomorrow night. It would be excellent with *any* other kind of fish you could think of like salmon, tuna, mahi-mahi, shark... You could literally eat this salsa by itself, its that good. Yum!
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05 Jun 2016
Reviewed by: Fero
Made just as the recipe called for and it was fantastic I will be making this again many times this summer.
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17 Sep 2015
Reviewed by: tanyakimbrough
Wonderful! In my opinion, perfect for fish! I cut back a bit on the peppers. What's better than grilled pineapple? Some of the best salsa for summertime.
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25 Jun 2014
Reviewed by: LAURA*P
Really great on grilled chicken and fish. It was also good on tacos and salad. I ate it with chips, too. All around good with a nice kick from the jalapeno.
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29 May 2014
Reviewed by: Sherri
Great topping for our grilled chicken. I used an orange bell instead of the red, since that is what I had on hand. I think it would be really good if the bell pepper and onion were also grilled a bit, might try that next time.
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04 Aug 2018
Reviewed by: Barbara
Delicious and I had to modify since I had no cilantro. I had lemon thyme growing outside so I used that and a little orange juice which was an idea from another recipe. Also had to saute the pineapple since I had already cut the pineapple into chunks. Great flavor!
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12 Jun 2018
Reviewed by: Carol C.
It was very good. Would make it again.
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28 May 2018
Reviewed by: GulfBreezer2003
Substituted honey for sugar and added sweet corn.
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18 May 2018
Reviewed by: SZYQ1
This was a really good pineapple salsa! The salsa truly complimented our pork tacos tonight (used Chef John's Yucatan-Style Grilled Pork). The only change I would make next time is to reduce or omit the sugar, but that's dependent on the pineapple you have. Ours was more on the sweet side and therefore the addition of the sugar made the salsa seem a little too sweet for us, but still a super good blend of all components in this salsa. I can definitely see this salsa going well with chicken and fish. Looking forward to making this again! Thanks for the amazing recipe!
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