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White Chocolate, Cranberry and Walnut Fudge

Cranberries and walnuts and a hint of nutmeg are folded into a buttery white chocolate fudge base to make this colourful treat.
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09 Nov 2016
Reviewed by: SunnyDaysNora
Wow! What a great recipe! I loved the texture and flavors- I think next time I might even double the mix-in amounts. I did sub pecans for walnuts because of personal preference. I love the submitter's idea of using dried apples and cinnamon, that would be great! I can also see this being great with orange zest added. Yum!
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09 Nov 2016
Reviewed by: lutzflcat
11.9.16 This is a very simple recipe to make, and it comes together quickly. I did have to microwave it for about 8 minutes for all of the white chocolate chips to melt. This may be a personal taste thing, but I'll cut the rum extract back to 1 tsp next time. Forget about chocolate fudge, and remember this recipe for the upcoming Holiday Gifts From the Kitchen.
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13 May 2019
Reviewed by: Traycee1234
This was just okay. I find the taste of condensed milk to be a bit too dominant in this recipe. Won’t make again.
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23 Feb 2019
Reviewed by: jhaury
Will definitely make again!
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09 Jan 2019
Reviewed by: FlacaLoca
No nutmeg for this cook! I added butter rum flavor and it was awesome! Will def make again with another flavor as the condensed milk has its own strong flavor.
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16 Dec 2018
Reviewed by: Xine Smith
I will not make again...While this recipe is extremely easy to make it doesn’t have the rich vibrant flavor of cooked fudge that I grew up with. The Sweetened condensed milk is the predominant taste.
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15 Dec 2018
Reviewed by: Wendy
This is good fudge. Very colorful for holidays. Next time though I wil put foil in pan to make it ashier to cut into small squares . Very difficult to get out of pan and stay attractive,. Very rich.
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04 Dec 2018
Reviewed by: Belle Maman
This is a wonderful fudge! I cut the rum extract to 1 tsp and added finely chopped dried apricots. The white fudge is extremely sweet however. I wonder if anyone has tried it with unsweetened condensed milk?
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26 Nov 2018
Reviewed by: grandma ikki
I did have some changes.. I used chopped pistachios in place of the walnuts and in addition to the cranberries I also used dried apricots and I added crystallized ginger. this is beautiful for the holidays and it is a nice change of pace from "chocolate" fudge.
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11 Feb 2018
Reviewed by: jjansen
2nd time I made this it turned out "less white "colored. It was more yellow than white. I wonder if it's a difference in butter? Or over- microwaving to get the chips to melt . Anyone have this issue? It's definitely less pretty being yellow colored.
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