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Fresh Peach Crumble

A quick and easy crumble with added oats and cinnamon is sprinkled on top of fresh peaches for a gorgeous dessert.
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20 Aug 2013
Reviewed by: kate
I'm not much of a cook and this turned out great. I used fresh peaches that were going bad, didn't peel them, uneven slices and chunks, old butter and terrible job cutting it into the flour mixture. And it still turned out really tasty.
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14 Apr 2013
Reviewed by: Jared Anderson
This is a simple-classic recipe, like the one my mom would make on Sunday nights. Thanks for sharing!
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26 Jun 2013
Reviewed by: BRICKS2721
Used frozen peaches. Wonderful recipe!!!! Will use this again.
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06 Sep 2013
Reviewed by: Columbiagorgelvr
I added pecans crushed to the top and cooked this in cupcake tins with silver liners. It took the same amount of time, just made small to prevent *accidently* overeating. They freeze well.
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11 Jun 2015
Reviewed by: mara
Wow...easily the best crisp I've ever tasted! The recipe has the perfect ingredients for deliciousness; I will not look for another crisp recipe. However, as someone mentioned before, there is enough topping to cover double the amount of fruit the recipe asks for! What I did when I noticed there was going to be too much, was to go ahead and use 1/2 on my peaches; then I used the rest on some frozen cherries I had in the freezer to make a cherry crisp! So, for me, it was a happy accident The great thing is that, even if I hadn't had extra fruit on hand, I could have just stored the extra topping in a tupperware for future use in the fridge, since there was nothing in it that would go bad! Thanks for the recipe, Stephanie!
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21 Sep 2013
Reviewed by: OLIVEOIL
Great recipe. I put some nutmeg and cinnamon in the peaches for more flavor and some cornstarch to thicken my peaches as they were juicy but other then that it was great and the topping I'll use it on my apple crisp from now on. It stayed crisp even after a few day.
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22 Sep 2013
Reviewed by: monica
Great recipe. Two things I did different. I sprinkled peaches with 1/4 cup brown sugar 2 hours before starting and added a sprinkle of nutmeg in the mix. Baked extra 10 minutes for extra crunchiness..awesome and now a family favorite!
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30 Aug 2014
Reviewed by: Nidia Lee
I gave it a five star for efficiency. I added to the crumble: 1/4 cup of oats, flax meal, and nuts. Of course I used 2 sticks of butter which was yummy. I substituted sugar for stevia and add 1/4 cp to peaches. It came out delicious and not much was left and by that I mean crumbs is what was left! I also used fresh peeled peaches! Thanks for sharing!
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11 Aug 2014
Reviewed by: Di
Fantastic!!! Added 1/4 cup brown sugar 2 hrs. before on top of peaches as someone else suggested and was delicious. This is a keeper!
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13 Aug 2013
Reviewed by: SpicyMamma
A very quick and tasty recipe! Takes hardly no time to prepare and everyone loves it. Thanks for sharing!
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