Peckish Pandas Chinese Peking Duck

    I love to eat peking duck at any given opportunity. I fondly remember when my husband and I were first dating, he introduced me to this delicious dish. The restaurant we visited had a lovely duck sauce that we couldn't get enough of. Our family members all enjoy duck so much, that we have to share the duck out with fairness in mind. I was fortunate to meet a nice Chinese lady who showed me how she stuffs, roasts and chops the duck. She also showed me how to make a secret 'chef' duck sauce. You can watch the video on youtube. Type in 'Peckish Pandas Chinese Peking Duck'. I say why have a Woolies roast chook, when you can relish the flavours of peking duck. That's if you have time of course.


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    • 2.1 kg or size 21 duck, Stuffing: 1 cinnamon stick, 1/4 dried citrus peel, knob of sliced ginger, 1 sliced shallot, 2 whole star anise, 1 tb salt, 1 tb sugar, 1 tb light soy sauce, 1 tb cooking wine, 1 tb chicken stock, 1/2 ts Chinese five spice,
    • Duck paste: 1 1/2 tb Chinese malt sugar, 1 1/2 tb vinegar
    • Special plum sauce: 2 heaped ts cornstarch mixed with a little water, 1 1/2 tb plum sauce, 1 tb lemonade, 1/2 ts salt, 1/2 ts sugar
    • 1 tb dark soy sauce, hot oil to pour over duck


    1. Preheat fan forced oven to 200.
    2. Stuff duck, then sew up the cavity with a skewer.
    3. Refrigerate overnight.
    4. Pour hot water (not boiling) over duck.
    5. Pat the duck dry.
    6. Make the sticky paste. Melt the sugar with the vinegar, then apply all over duck.
    7. Place duck breast side up and roast for 25 mins.
    8. Change oven temp to 160.
    9. Turn duck over and roast for 45 mins.
    10. The last 10 mins brush dark soy sauce over the duck.
    11. Make the special plum sauce. Mix cornstarch with water. Heat the plum sauce in a small saucepan with lemonade, sugar and salt. Add the cornstarch to thicken the mixture.
    12. Heat oil and then pour over the duck with a ladle.
    13. Remove the skewer, drain out the juices into a small bowl.
    14. Chop the duck and serve with the duck juices and special plum sauce.

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