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Roasted Asparagus and Yellow Capsicum Salad

Roasted asparagus, red onion and yellow capsicum are tossed with a spicy mustard and garlic dressing.
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13 Jun 2004
Reviewed by: FBA
The first time I made this, my husband said it was way too oily. The second time, I put the veggies in a bowl, poured just a little olive oil on top & mixed them with my hands to coat them. Then I used only 1/4 cup olive oil & half of the seasonings for the dressing. I substituted pourable Splenda for the sugar & just added some salt & ppper instead of the hot sauce & salad seasoning mix. I used chopped pecans the 2nd time, which I preferred to the almonds. Also adding some red peppers to the yellow adds to the presentation. I'd suggest checking the asparagus after 10 minutes to see how al dente or roasted you'd like them. I took another reviewer's suggestion & baked them for 18 minutes (9 minutes a side). Two other suggestions... If you want leftovers, I'd suggest doubling this recipe. Also if you refrigerate the dish, you should take it it out ahead of time as the olive oil solidifies in the frig.
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31 Jan 2004
Reviewed by: chellebelle
Oh wow! The mustard lime vinaigrette in this salad is wonderful! I was worried that it might be kind of "weird" but I loved it! I'm not a big garlic fan so I only used one clove. I also put a bit of the lime zest into the dressing. I cut the bell peppers into strips rather than dice, I wanted bigger chunks. I roasted the onions along with the asparagus and peppers to mellow the onion flavor as well. I poured half the dressing on the warm vegetables, then set the salad aside while the rest of my meal cooked and then added the rest just before serving along with the almonds and parmesan. I don't know what "salad seasoning mix" is but the dish tastes great without it. It came out great and I had plenty of compliments from my guests. I'll make it again!
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29 Jun 2005
Reviewed by: AJRHODES3
I just made this for the second time and it has gone over fabulously with all of my dinner guests. I love that it can be made ahead of time. My family raved about it at Easter and last night I served it to 14 of my husband's co-workers. It was great! My only change was to hold back a little of the hot sauce in fear that perhaps some of my guests did not like things quite so spicy/hot. It is a fabulous dish to make ahead of time for a party and reserve a few toasted almonds to sprinkle on the top just before serving. I also used both red and yellow peppers to add additional color. If it hadn't been raining I would have grilled the vegetables outside instead of oven roasting for additional flavor. This is definitely a "keeper", and even worth paying a little extra for asparagus when not in season.
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21 Jun 2003
Reviewed by: KRICKYR
This is fast becoming one of my favorite salads! A few changes I've made are: slivered almonds instead of sliced (more "substance" there), shredded parmesan cheese instead of grated (the grated cheese kind of "clumped up" when you mixed it in), a longer cooking time (about 18 minutes total) to get the veggies tender AND I cut the dressing recipe in half since it doesn't take much, especially since the veggies are already covered with olive oil. This salad takes some great ingredients and combines them in a way that makes them all BETTER!
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05 Jul 2005
Reviewed by: MINDY1315
I made this for my family's July 4th dinner. Everyone liked it very much. I personally thought it was delicious, although I may try a little less dijon mustard next time, as I thought it dominated the flavor of the dressing. Following the advice of some of the other reviews, I used both red and yellow peppers and substituted pecans (toasted) for the almonds. It was delicious this way and added more color. I did use a bit less onion because my family doesn't like heavy onion flavor. I didn't know what "salad seasoning mix" was either, so I used about a teaspoon of Good Seasons Roasted Garlic salad dressing mix. It was good, but I didn't think it was really necessary because the dressing tasted really flavorful before adding the seasoning. It was a really good recipe and I will definitely use it again.
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28 May 2003
Reviewed by: boogeley
Wow, there are a lot of flavors going on in this dish! The vegetable mix with the cheese and almonds is great on its own, but I thought the dressing was a tad strong--definitely go easy on it. I think the salad dressing mix (does that mean italian?) can be left out totally, and the lime juice taste was overpowered by the mustard. I may use red wine vinegar next time. Also a teaspoon is a lot of hot sauce, which I like, but most people can't handle. The roasting really flavors the veggies nicely. I will be making this again.
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07 Nov 2004
Reviewed by: IBNSHISHA
I really liked this, but my wife thought it was too spicy. She did ask me to make it again without the hot sauce.
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01 Jun 2003
Reviewed by: Sj
I received ***** ratings from everyone at my dinner party. All 9 guests were attempting to tell me what was in this salad that made it so good...few discovered the secret ingredients of the dressing. I used red, yellow and green peppers and toasted pecans. In the dressing I used a some fresh chopped cilantro when adding to the salad. Everyone wanted a copy of the recipe. I will use again and again this summer.
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07 Jul 2005
Reviewed by: Team HHH
I've made the dressing part of this (1/2 cup olive oil thru salad seasoning) several times for different salads and it's always a big hit!
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19 Jun 2005
Reviewed by: mmmos48
Excellent. Did roast longer - 18 minutes - Everone loved it at picnic. Even better next day. My husband heated his the next day and loved it that way too. Will definitely make again.
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