Chia Seeds and Dragon Fruit Pudding


    have you ever had chia pudding and wondered how it was made? i have. so after some research and experimenting i came up with an easy 10 step recipe for chia pudding. what got me motivated to start the recipe is my school. i am a grade 9 student at Green school Bali, the greenest school on earth, and i wanted to make a healthy and easy breakfast. it is not vegan but it is delicious. this recipe supports 2 portions


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    • half a dragon fruit
    • yogurt
    • around 15 table spoons of chia seeds
    • jam with a strong color and flavor (blackberry)
    • honey
    • apricots/dates/figs
    • 2 medium sized glasses or jars
    • 3 bowls
    • 2 tbsp and 1 tsp
    • blender
    • fridge


    1. Put 3 tbsp of yogurt into bowl #1, add about 7 tbsp of chia. Add 2 tsp of jam and 1 or 2 tbsp of honey. Try some things out until you get a flavor you like. Mix everything together. Don’t worry if the chia seeds don't thicken up right away, just let it sit for a little bit.
    2. Cut up and blend the dragon fruit. If you want to give it some more flavor add honey.
    3. Put ⅔ of the dragon fruit blend into bowl #2 and ⅓ into bowl #3.
    4. Put bowl #3 in the fridge to cool.
    5. Take bowl #2 and add 2 tbsp of yogurt and 6 tbsp of chia seeds. Mix.
    6. Cut up 1 or 2 apricots/figs/dates and add them to bowl #2 and mix. This mixture will be thinner than bowl #1 but don’t worry it will thicken up. Put it in the fridge together with the other bowls.
    7. i had ½ tbsp of chia seeds left so i just added it to bowl #3 to give it some texture, but you don’t have to do that.
    8. Let the bowls sit and cool in the fridge for 20 to 30 minutes.
    9. Take your 2 glasses or jars and layer the pudding into them. The way i did it was first a layer of bowl #1. Then a thin layer (for flavor) of bowl #3. And then a layer of bowl #2. To top it off i used up my last bit of bowl #3 and it fit perfectly.
    10. Put them in the fridge over night and enjoy your breakfast!

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    This was a great recipe that was packed with healthy chia seeds and looks great to boot. I think of it more like a light meal though, because those Chia seeds are full of energy!  -  25 Feb 2017