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Spicy Tomato Chutney

I made this with my own tomatoes this year. First time ever! I like to make it with fresh ginger and fresh chillies and I do not grind the fennel and fenugreek seeds. This recipe makes 2 (450g) jars of chutney.
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13 Jun 2012
Reviewed by: alanorion
I used the recippe except I ground the spices rather than putting them in whole The chutney is superb as soon as we eaten it we will be making more. Thanks for a superb recipe Alan
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24 May 2013
Reviewed by: Syd
Made it with plums. Just as yummy.
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23 Jul 2014
Reviewed by: auntyjack
thanks syd loved your tomato chutney its a beaut recipe mate. cheers from downunder.
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10 Oct 2012
alanorion said:
very pleased with the result it was delicious I would recomend it it dissapeared within the week thank you will be making it again
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30 Sep 2012
Reviewed by: Berti
Have to admit I was concerned with the 475ml of vinegar when most other recipes have little or no vinegar. The taste of vinegar is too overwhelming for me.
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