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Plum and Apple Tart

This fruit tart is a great way to use plums that are not quite ripe. It's an easy recipe using premade shortcrust pastry.
Reviews (4)

13 Nov 2011
Reviewed by: HungryAl
Great tart! Looks great but tastes even better than it looks...
(Review from Allrecipes UK & Ireland)
05 May 2014
Reviewed by: SharonMarie
I love cooking this tart but the recipe doesn't tell you what to do with the honey and plum juice. I pour it into the centre of the tart. When the tart is cooked and cooled down the syrup solidifies slightly. I trust one is not meant to dispose of the syrup. For one thing honey is far too expensive for that and secondly, it's just too tasty to waste.
(Review from Allrecipes UK & Ireland)
24 Sep 2015
Reviewed by: TiffanyPB
So easy and really tasty! I don't think that the plums needed cooking as much, but then mine were from my garden and perfectly ripe. I also found that there was loads of leftover juice from cooking the plums, but I've saved that as a sugar (honey) syrup to use again. A hit all round and really fruity! Yum!
(Review from Allrecipes UK & Ireland)
19 Jan 2015
Reviewed by: Noblegorgeousrose
Lovely tart. The plums turned too soft to display neatly on the top, so will cook for only half of the time next time. Also I will cook them in less water so that it can be used up by pouring over the plums, as suggested in the previous review.
(Review from Allrecipes UK & Ireland)


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