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Homemade Pancakes

These pancakes make a yummy brekkie. Using only flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, butter, an egg and a of bit of milk you can whip up a batch in a jiffy.
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11 Feb 2015
Reviewed by: jmeyerc
11 Mar 2012
Reviewed by: bzbmom
Was using boxed mix but ran out. Pulled up AllRecipes and this was on the front page, so we decided to try the recipe. Followed the recipe as is. They were the best pancakes I've ever had!! Light and fluffy with great flavor!!!
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
04 Jun 2012
Reviewed by: Sarah Jo
I used lactose-free milk which I soured with two tablespoons of vinegar and I also used melted margerine instead of butter. The reason I made those substitutions was because I have a son with a dairy sensitivity. Even with the substitutions these turned out exactly as they should--light, fluffy and absolutely perfect. The recipe says it serves four? kids ate EVERY SINGLE ONE.
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
04 Apr 2012
Reviewed by: Dal-Pal
I've tried numerous pancake recipes over the years, but this is the first recipe I've found that truly matches the flavor, fluffy texture, appearance and convenience of a box mix. I'd just about given up on making pancakes from scratch, but this recipe looked a little different - yet easy - so I decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did! Even my husband, who decided a few years ago that box pancakes are the best bet because they're so easy and reliable, said that these are the best from-scratch pancakes he's ever had. Thanks to Chef John for sharing this!
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
21 Mar 2012
Reviewed by: meghan59
I followed this recipe exactly and found the pancakes to be salty. I checked and rechecked to make sure it was not a mistake on my part. Maybe unsalted butter next time?
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
19 Mar 2012
Reviewed by: Baking Nana
These are really nice a fluffy. They puff up so beautifully. So easy to make too. I made the recipe as written but next time I might add a teaspoon of vanilla. Enjoy!
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
03 May 2012
Reviewed by: Jennifer
I was really looking forward to these pancakes, I questioned the amount of baking powder, but decided to follow the recipe to a T. The batter in itself was so thick, thicker than cake batter, but they looked so so good on the griddle and thought I hit a homerun. But unfortunately they were completely salty and chemical tasting. My kids aged 1½ and 3 did not eat them and the little one said, "yuckies". :-( I will do as some other reviewers also did and reduce the baking powder and add extra sugar.
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
07 Apr 2012
Reviewed by: Deb C
Perfect pancakes – light and fluffy. I used half the amount of salt (my usual habit) and added blueberries (another habit) for a great morning breakfast.
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
14 Jan 2014
Reviewed by: diningoutd
This is no joke, I have tried almost every pancake recipe on here and this is the BEST! I tried it exactly as written, delicious. But we like really sweet stuff so I added in a total of 3 tablespoons of sugar, reduced the baking powder to 2 1/2 teaspoons, increased butter to four tablespoons and added 1 tablespoon of vanilla. In my opinion they tasted like I HOP pancakes. I'll never go out for pancakes ever. Although I decreased the baking powder, I think it's the baking powder amount and the resting of the batter that makes these the best fluffy pancakes ever. Try it, You will not be sorry. Yummy! !
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
11 Mar 2012
Reviewed by: Wrynne
These were pretty tasty, but I was a little surprised at how much like the box mix they turned out to be. That's not necessarily bad, but I think I was expecting a little bit more from them. I did make a couple of changes in adding a little cinnamon and some vanilla, and I cooked them in some butter instead of spray. Good, but not mind-blowing.
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)


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