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Double Chocolate Oat and Walnut Biscuits

There's a lot going on in this little biscuit, but don't let that scare you off. These sinful bikkies have dark and milk chocolate, ground oats and walnuts. YUM!
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08 Feb 2005
Reviewed by: SLWDANIELS
Tip #1: Finely ground oatmeal for a subtle nutty taste and texture. Don't grind if you prefer a rougher, more dense cookie that tastes more like an oatmeal cookie with chips. Tip #2: Using unsalted butter will make cookies spread more while using a margarine will make them spread less and be thicker. Tip #3: Add 1/2 tsp more of baking soda for a higher rising cookie. Tip #4: These cookies are extra extra sweet so you may want to reduce sugars to 3/4 cup each to lessen sugary taste. Tip #5: I found 1.5 cups of choc. chips more than enough for me. But, true chocoholics should try 2 cups of the chocolate chunks instead. Tip #5: Watch cookies very carefully. Cooking times may range from 7-10 minutes depending upon the cookie size you choose, your texture preference, and your oven's temperature settings. They may look undercooked, but you'll get a crunchy edge and soft chewy inside if you bake just until the outer edge only is brown. Let them set 1 minute on the cookie sheet after removing them from the oven to finish cooking them and you'll get a perfectly chewy but not soogy cookie. Over-cooking (entire cookie is brown) will definitely result in a hard crispy cookie, unless you like them that way. Tip #6: This is a lot of dough so you can either halve the recipe or store the dough in your frig. in a platic zipper bag so you can make a fresh batch when the mood strikes you.
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22 Oct 2006
Reviewed by: ALLY99
Perfect! A new favorite for my husband and me. He couldn't get enough of them! Here are the slight changes I made which resulted in a perfect, thick chocolate chip cookie...I used margarine (1 stick lite, 1 stick regular). Margarine helps cookies stay plump rather than flat. I let my eggs reach room temperature, and was careful not to overblend them with the dough (another common problem with cookie bakers). Lastly, I added 1/2 tsp more of baking soda and 1/4 tsp more of baking powder to help the cookies stay thick. I followed the rest of the recipe to a T using Ghirdelli (sp?) chocolate chips. I noticed some people said the dough got stuck in their mixers, but if you look at the recipe closely, you will notice it says to STIR the batter once you mix in the dry not use your mixer at this point. Good luck! This is quite a perfect cookie!:-)
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30 Aug 2002
Reviewed by: Lisa Scott Provost
The funny thing is, I don't really like chocolate chip cookies all that much - I just wanted something for my kids to send to my husband (who was working out of town), but DANG these are good! They stay dense and moist, not fluffy and cake-y like other recipes I've tried, and it's all chunk with a just a little cookie holding it all together!! The last time I made them, I used 1/2 cup each of walnuts, pecans and macadamia nuts, and substituted almost 1/2 of the semi-sweet chips with a Hershey Bake Shoppe product called Almond Toffee Bits - basically the inside of a Heath bar, but in perfectly uniform little chunks and with no mess and frustration of chunking up the candy yourself. Really great! Oh, and if you really want to go overboard, make an ice cream sandwich with a couple of these bad boys!
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21 Jun 2004
Reviewed by: FILROSE
These are IT!! Absolutely the best chocolate chip cookies. If you don't like your cookie too sweet, reduce the amount of brown sugar and white sugar to 3/4 cup. Please don't omit the grated chocolated as well as the ground oats. It makes a world of a difference in taste and texture. For those reviewers who left out the grated chocolate, try it again and you'll taste a difference. I've also found that I get a better looking cookie when I mix the batter by hand rather than with an electric mixer. The trick is to let the butter soften at room temperature or pop it in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds. Make sure not to let it melt though! It alters the appearance and texture of your cookie. These cookies do take quite some time to prepare so be sure to make a huge batch and freeze the rest of them. Everyone who tastes these delectable treats raves about them and will beg you to make them. I love to bake and do it quite often. These are the most requested treats by my family and friends.
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21 Jul 2006
Reviewed by: cookiequeen
OK these are five + star cookies as is-I make all the time and people rave about them(minus the nuts)..but you MUST try this. With halloween coming I needed to clear out all existing candy in my house so instead of grating a regular chocolate bar..I stuck some mini snickers, twix, m&m's, baby ruth's, and hershey bars into a food processor and blended it up nice and added that to the cookie (maybe 10 mini bars altogether). OOOOHHHHH my it was so good the next day I had to make another batch using the same candy bars and even mixed in some reeses p-butter cups and a whatchamacallit bar. Even better. Now I can't wait for my kids to bring home all their trick or treats so I can make yet another batch...My co-workers love me this week! TRY IT...IT"S SO YUMMY!!
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09 Sep 2002
Reviewed by: FlourGirl
I left the oats whole, and used chocolate baking chunks instead of the smaller chips, but believe me when I say I have NEVER had a more delicious chocolate chip cookie. They stayed soft after being out uncovered all night, then remained soft in a ziplock bag for 5 days. I will make this my only chocolate chip recipe from here on out. Thanks for the submission!
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03 Sep 2002
Reviewed by: FinleyMom
I will not try again. Even with all of the chocolate it is very bland and very dry. Reread the reciped several times to be sure that I wasn't leaving anything out and that I had read it correctly - I had and they turned out bad. Did anyone in the past have tips for a cookie that is not so dry?
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18 Jan 2002
Reviewed by: PUBLIUS
I got compliments like I couldn't believe from my co-workers after bringing these in these cookies. I got raves...I mean RAVES from people who usually just take a cookie and run. You must measure accurately with this cookie...or you'll have a rock hard piece of dough/oatmeal that will wear the motor on the best of mixers. I use an icecream scoop to make large cookies that don't spread out all over the pan. I like to "change" receipes but this is one that I'll always make exactly the same. The compliments make the mixing worth while!
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15 May 2006
I halved the recipe, didn't have any nuts to add (but I would add pecans if I had them), added 1/2 cup peanut butter, and used old-fashioned oats. This recipe produces a slightly chewy, slightly crispy, tasty cookie. I like the depth the grated chocolate adds. Great cookies Rene!
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16 May 2004
Reviewed by: Beth Stone Strachan
Wish I could give this more than 5 stars! I've been making this recipe for over 20 years costs a small fortune to make but is worth it every time. My tip: grind the milk chocolate with the oats in the food processor rather than grating it seperately. Fabulous cookie! And they freeze excellent (if they last that long)! Great for the holidays!
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