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Slow Cooker Pasta Sauce

This is a great rich meat sauce which is super easy to make in the slow cooker. Serve over thick pasta such as spirals.
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06 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: vogue
Great recipe. I sauted 1 green pepper (instead of the celery) and 1 bag fresh white mushrooms. Aslo added some red pepper flakes for a little extra kick. Served over spaghetti. Very good!
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24 May 2011
Reviewed by: Sarah Jo
I added a little more minced garlic and a cup or so of chopped baby bella mushrooms and a teaspoon each of basil and oregano. FAH-REAKING AMAZING. One of the best things I've eaten in a long time. I wonder if I could use a cheap cut of meat (like a combo of sausage and stew meat?) and have it come out tender and awesome, even though I cheaped out. I bet I could. NOTE: I apparently did not read the recipe all the way through and I made this on the stovetop. I browned my meat, then the vegetables, combined them and added the rest of the ingredients excluding the cream. I cooked this, covered and vented, for about an hour and a half, then added the cream. Even though I did not follow the recipe exact (I was far too distracted and busy for that today, to be honest), this still turned out spectacularly. Even my kids slurped it up! I'm SO making this again. And again.
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05 Feb 2011
Reviewed by: HAESCHLIMAN
This was so yummy and i made it for a friend who apologized in advanced for her 5 year old son who doesn't eat anything. He ended up having seconds and she was so surprised!!
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07 Nov 2011
Reviewed by: rjnicholson
Wonderful flavor but very runny - will thicken it with cornstarch next time
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31 Mar 2011
Reviewed by: Ritag
My first attempt with the slow cooker and it was so delicious and easy! I did half the sausage and added more veggies like carrots and mushrooms and served it over spaghetti. So yummy!
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21 Mar 2011
Reviewed by: ann
This recipe is very good. I made it on the stove since I did not have enough time to cook it all day in a crock pot. It was still very tasty and my kids really like it too. I did add garlic salt. I might add a few red pepper flakes next time. We really liked this one.
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22 Feb 2011
Reviewed by: SarahF
Wonderful! Very tasty!
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24 Feb 2012
Reviewed by: Kalisto Langdon
My husband and I love this recipe! I do agree that I add oregano and basil to it, but that's just personal choice. I also chop my tomatoes fresh. I do cook it on the stove and not a crock pot, but it still comes out amazing every time!
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20 Jan 2012
Reviewed by: mintconditionherbfarm
This recipe is simply brilliant on a number of levels. I made it exactly as written...questioned why it needed to slow cook since everything WAS cooked before it went into the slow cooker for 5 hours...the taste difference from the start to the finish was incredible...mellowed out considerably. But when you add the cream at the end...oh my. I could really get hooked on this recipe...going to double the batch next time so we have plenty to freeze!
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31 Aug 2011
Reviewed by: 352DANIELLE
This is so delicious. Both my kids ate it up! I didn't add all the cream, maybe a little over half to save calories. I also used mild and sweet sausage.
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