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Fresh Peach Cinnamon Cobbler

Cobbler can be very simple... but this recipe is a little more complicated! It's especially good since it uses fresh peaches.
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22 Nov 2016
Reviewed by: VictoriaCollins
I agree that it is a delicious and relatively easy recipe to make. However I left it in the oven as long as was advised and it burnt a little bit. So I would reconsider how long you tell people to cook it for. I also agree with the above comment about doubling the batter mixture. I did that and turned mine then into 8 quennelles of about a tablespoonful each, just enough for a serve with the peaches around it. We also put it with Greek yoghurt. Yummy!
05 Dec 2013
Reviewed by: the_judge
This was a very easy and tasty recipe. I used fresh ripe apricots as at the moment are in season. I used a dish same as shown in the picture/photo and the only thing I would change is perhaps a little liqueur that compliments the fruit used, for juice as it tended to be a bit dry and to double the batter mixture on the top as it tended to be a bit scarce. I happily fed 6 adults. Gr8
29 Jul 2003
Reviewed by: PIXIE_BIT
This is a good peach cobbler - just the right spices and sweetness. You should note however the amount of baking powder - this is a very "cake-like" cobbler. Also, the amount of cinammon-sugar on the top makes it very hard to tell when it is "golden brown". "very thin" slices of peach also lead to a less chunky peachy cobbler than I really like, so you may want to make your slices reasonably substantial if you want good sized chunks of peach.
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26 Jul 2003
Reviewed by: Mike Schoenbacher
This is the best cobbler I have tasted! Family went nuts over it. Easy, too! I will make this again, for sure. I would include details on peeling the peaches for newbies. Place the peaches in boiling water for about 60 seconds, remove and plunge into cold water. The skins should slip right off.
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29 Aug 2007
Reviewed by: DannyBoy
This recipe is delicious. I have two suggestions to improve it though. First, I used fresh peaches from my boss's peach tree - some of them were quite under-ripe - and the recipe still came out very sweet. I will definitely make this again, but I will use a bit less sugar in the fruit and in the topping. Second, while the topping is super tasty (if a bit sweet), there's not enough of it! It doesn't need to be doubled but maybe 50% more topping would be great.
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15 Sep 2008
Reviewed by: judih
This is a very good recipe, but having been born and reared in the south, I remember all my mother's (and grandmother's) cobblers having a crust on top (not just spoonfuls dropped over it, but a full top crust.) Researching this in my mother's old recipe files, I found something interesting. This recipe is almost identical to hers, but steps 3 and 4 would be changed as follows: Combine 1 and one-half cups each of flour, sugar and milk. Pour this over the peach mixture. Sprinkle with sugar, with or without the cinnamon, and then dot with butter. Bake approx. 30 minutes. I tried this recipe both ways, and my mother's way is an improvement. It is also easier, by the way.
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26 Dec 2006
Reviewed by: ABoston
Coming from the Peach State, I'm really picky about peach cobbler. This recipe is fantastic! I made it with fresh peaches that were about to spoil in a day or two, so I ended up using all I had. This meant that I almost doubled the suggested amount of fruit, and even though I did not double the other ingredients, the recipe came out very well and I had none left over. So be generous with the fruit if you can!! Serve warm, with vanilla ice cream. Also, consider using other fresh fruits if peaches are not yet in season. I've made this with mangoes, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries, and each time the results have been fantastic.
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05 Mar 2007
Reviewed by: patreesha
This is absolutely one of my favorite recipes that I've tried so far. The ingredient proportions are right on the mark, and the procedure is so easy. I tried boiling the peaches to peel them, as suggested, but that didn't quite work out. Instead, I just peeled them with a knife, which worked out just fine and wasn't a hassle at all. When choosing peaches, be sure that they do not have any green on the skin -- this means the fruit hadn't developed before being picked, and it won't get any sweeter afterwards. The crust is unbelievable. When you pour in the boiling hot water, it immediately puffs up into a thick dough. This bakes into a thick, crumb-cake-like topping. The sugar amounts can be adjusted as desired. I found it to be just right. It is incredible with a scoop of vanilla or butter pecan ice cream (or both). My "southern" gentleman companion, who has had his share of peach cobblers, really enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing this recipe.
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13 Jun 2007
Reviewed by: 4HMAMA
Made this fabulous dessert with my diabetic husband in mind for a church gathering. I used regular Splenda & Splenda Brown Sugar in place of the sugars, and served with sugar free ice cream. My husband couldn't get enough, and the non-diabetics loved it!
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22 Aug 2003
Reviewed by: VANSANT
As a southern girl, I've had many variations of peach cobbler. This one definitely tops them all. I too cut my peaches into thicker wedges, 4 tbsp cornstarch and 8 tbsp butter.
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