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Spicy Seafood Steaks

This is the marinade I use when I have large fish steaks such as tuna or swordfish. Very tangy and spicy.
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04 Jun 2008
Reviewed by: HollyC
This was a very tasty way to prepare my shark. Husband loved it, I thought it was a little too salty for me so next time I will switch the garlic salt for garlic powder. I did make one prep change and added all the ingredients to a plastic bag and marinated in the fridge for one hour.
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12 Feb 2008
OH MY! This was a great "rub"...I wasn't prepared for how thick it was and we had to actually scrape it off before eating it..but it produced the GREATEST flavor EVER! I will not change a thing to the recipe, just make sure to scrape before serving
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04 Jun 2008
Reviewed by: LizEtmor
This was so quick, so easy, and SO GOOD! My husband is a big fan of shark and said this is the best he has ever had. My 9 year old (who had never eaten shark before) said it was just OK - but he still cleaned his plate! I did make some minor changes: marinated in a bag, used garlic powder (figured there was enough salt in the sauces), finely minced a bit of onion (no onion powder), and omitted the thyme. I look forward to trying it as written - except I stand by the garlic powder decision! Thanks for a great recipe!
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06 Apr 2008
Reviewed by: SHARYL4
Amazing !!! I did change it up a bit, as I had more shark than called for, that had to be cooked. Doubled the soy & worcestershire sauces, 3 Tbs. garlic salt, 3 Tbs. chili powder,, 3 tbs. black pepper, minced onion, didn't have onion powder, and omited the thyme. Turned into a " marinade" instead of a "rub". Results were exelent! Let marinate for 2 hours in a freezer bag in the frig and baked as per recipe. Thank-you for sharing a great recipe !!!!! (Will try again, as written. when I have all the ingredients)
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20 Jul 2010
Reviewed by: JOHN FOLDEAK
I would not make this again. The marinade is overpowering even on shark. I use Worcestershire often when using lamb or beef, but I thought it was terrible on fish. 2 Tablespoons of pepper was too much, and I am a pepper lover. In my opinion, this is a very poorly conceived marinade, and anyone who cooks fish regularly should be able to do much better. Try salt, a little pepper, lemon, and some tamer spices like a little dill. If you want to go Asian, soy sauce, ginger, orange juice, some sugar, and there you go.
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12 May 2008
Reviewed by: mina t
Very tasty. My husband said it was a keeper. I grilled it on the BBQ on a small holed grill, basting it toward the end of the cooking time with the leftover marinade and it turned out delicious.
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19 Feb 2008
Reviewed by: Jane Delle
This is the first recipe I have felt compelled to come back and review. It was FANTASTIC. It has minimal ingredients, is quick to make, and is my new favorite recipe for shark!! My family of 6 ate it up and even the little kids liked it.
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18 May 2010
Reviewed by: ShopCook
Before trying this recipe, I will admit that I had never had shark before. I soaked the shark steaks in milk for a couple of hours beforehand to reduce the "fishy" smell (after coming across this tip online). I rinsed the steaks and patted them dry. I made the rub as directed, using dried thyme instead of the fresh. I grilled the steaks for about 15 minutes on non stick foil over medium heat. The thicker steaks failed to cook all the way through, so unfortunately they had to be nuked. They turned out pretty well. As mentioned in a previous review, we did have to "scrape" some of the spices off. Good flavor though. I will definitely try this rub on other types of meat, but I don't know that I will be doing it again with shark.
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20 Feb 2009
Reviewed by: pennycandy
I chose this recipe for my first time having shark, and I was not disappointed.I did cut down to 1 tablespoon chili powder and black pepper as I don't care for too much hot spices. I will definatly make the rub to try with other meats.
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01 May 2010
Reviewed by: M. Stoffel
I added half of all the spices to make a more liquid marinade, and it was still strongly flavored. I will make it again but I think if you add all of the spice quantities it would be overpowering. We were in a rush to grill before it rained so I only marinated probably ten minutes on the counter and we still loved the results. I had never cooked shark before and appreciated the cooking instructions, we got great results. These few pantry ingredients give a very complex and pleasing flavor to the marinade and I look forward to using again, thanks very much for sharing.
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