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Pasta Stuffed with Beef and Horseradish

This is a crowd pleaser! Pasta shells stuffed with roast beef, horseradish and Cheddar cheese. Easy to prepare.
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30 Sep 2009
Reviewed by: ambibambi
I have been wanting to make this recipe for a long, long time. Today the weather was cool, I had left over roast beef and gravy and I finally got to make it! We loved it. I did not drain my beef well of the gravy because we LOVE gravy, and I also didn't measure the horseradish, so I think I ended up using less(I will use more next time). I made some without any horseradish for the kids and they loved it too! This will get made after every roast dinner I make from now on!
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04 Feb 2009
Reviewed by: Keni
Made these for lunch, and they were tasty. I made my own gravy(beef/mushroom), since that's what the submitter orginally intended, but it was removed from the final posting, and I used cojack on top...very good. If I served them for dinner, I'd prolly just add a simple salad, as they are quite rich and filling.
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23 Feb 2010
Reviewed by: Raquel Teixeira
Now, I did change this recipe a bit but I give it 5 stars because the basics work and I was very skeptical of roast beef in shells but it was so delicious. It reminded me of poutine. I used the left over beef from pepperoncini beef on this site. I pan fried some onions and garlic, added the shredded beef to heat through - added shredded cheese and garlic cream cheese to make it creamy and stuffed the shells - covered with gravy and cheese (no horseradish, but the beef was already spicy). If your shells get tough - I covered mine for 15 minutes, cooked uncovered for 8 and 2 minutes on broil. The bf ate seconds and was asking for 3rds! If you like poutine this is sooo similar in flavours. Loved it.
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01 Mar 2009
you must add more horseradish! any leftover meat will work, roastbeef being the best. a great appetizer!
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12 Mar 2011
Reviewed by: Dottie
I've been wanting to try this recipe for over a year and finally made it for dinner tonight. Yes, I did my own thing with it, but not too drastically different from the original recipe. I only wanted to make 1/2 a recipe because I used leftover roast that I had slow cooked with onion soup mix. I chopped that up and mixed it with the leftover gravy I had on hand. Being a little leary of it being too hot for the kids, I only used a big squirt of horseradish which I actually mixed in with the meat/gravy mixture. I stuffed my shells with this mixture. Poured some jarred gravy over top and then topped with shredded cheddar cheese. I actually did not have enough meat mixture to use up all of the 1/2 box of shells that I had boiled, I had about 5 leftover. I finished them up in the oven as directed. These were good, but need something else to add some flavor...maybe some sauteed onions and garlic and some other herbs. It was a great use for leftover roast beef and gravy though! Thanks CNM for the recipe!
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04 Feb 2009
Reviewed by: CNM CATERING
you can also use homemade gravy if you prefer. also if you dont like horseradish you can omit it or use less according to your taste. i personally dont like horseradish but my wife does so i put it on hers but not mine.
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16 Apr 2010
Reviewed by: ~TxCin~ILove2Ck
Surprisingly good. I cut this down to one 7 oz. pkg. of roast beef (which is all I had) and it filled 12 jumbo shells. I used 2 pkgs. of brown gravy mix and made them according to directions. I made homemade horseradish sauce (AR recipe) and was really sparing on it since I wasn't sure we would even like this dish with it. I'm glad I used it, it really enhanced the dish and this would have been rather boring without it, but the amount called for is way too much for us. My husband said I could serve this one again. This wasn't fancy or really all that impressive, but it was different and good on it's own. 04-10-2012 UPDATE: This has turned out to be one of my hubby's favorite and most requested dishes. He'd rate this a 5. I have enjoyed it as well, but it still isn't one of my favorites.
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07 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: Kacey Platky Warren
These were a nice change from the usual dinner. I skipped the horseradish for personal preference. I did find it to be pretty salty - probably from the deli meat and jarred gravy combo. My fiance does want to try it again with other combinations of meats and gravies.
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07 May 2009
Reviewed by: Josephine Roeper
Very good stuffed shells. I used "Simple Beef Flavored Gravy" for the gravy. Rather than topping with horseradish sauce, I put a big glob of it with the gravy and mixed it all together because I feared kidlets would get a big bite of horseradish.
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18 Feb 2012
Reviewed by: Passion
This was just ok. 2 out of 4 people liked it in my house. I followed the recipe exactly (save for making my own gravy). I kind of want to make it again but I have to think about how to make it better. I definitely won't add the cheese if I do (totally unnecessary).
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