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Grilled Roast Beef and Provolone Sandwich

I love making this toasted sandwich. The combination of flavours is intense and satisfying. Also works with ham, chicken, turkey, etc.
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24 Feb 2008
Reviewed by: Olean's Kitchen
I thought this was great. I served it with the fresh tomato and basil soup. I also made these with turkey, and they were great! The only thing I would do differently, is take the meat out earier or warm it in the microwave. The few minutes of broiling was not enough to warm the meat up all the way.
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20 Feb 2002
Reviewed by: FERBONIA
I gave this quick, easy, kid friendly, tasty recipe 5 stars!! This is very fast and tasty!! Easy to make to your liken! The kids love it!! I made two varieties. For the adults I used leftover Tri-tip and garlic roasted cheese and for the kids I used deli ham and American sliced cheese (thier favorite). We all loved this wonderful meal and we are all stuffed! They are huge (depending on the size of Hoagie). Something fast and tasty is always welcome in my house! Especially when you can jazz it up in so many ways!! Try it you'll like it!
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11 Sep 2005
Wow! This was great. I have used chicken and turkey as well and it always tastes super.
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06 Sep 2011
Reviewed by: Sarah Jo
No hoagies so I used a quality whole wheat bread. I kept everything else the same. I did have to increase the mayonnaise and mustard but that's always purely up to the taste of whoever's making the sandwich. My boys and I absolutely loved this sandwich. Everything went together wonderfully and it was a wonderful combination with chicken noodle soup on a cold, rainy day. YUM!
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27 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: brilyn
Great idea for a quick yummy dinner... Best thing is you can make each sandwhich to each persons liking. Definately warm the meat in microwave before placing in oven. I used garlic butter spread on the hoggie rolls before adding the may/or mustard of choice. 5 stars for a quick great dinner
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30 Jul 2005
Reviewed by: Butterfly Flutterby
Yummy Scrummy! We change out the meats and cheeses and it is always a hit! My teenagers love Subway sandwiches (so do I) but I don't love the prices, so this is a great alternative. We usually add shredded lettuce. Thanks
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17 Aug 2005
Reviewed by: Robbie
This was wonderful! I was surprised how good it was since it has typical sandwich ingredients, but broiling it made all the difference! We will definitely have this again. And it was so quick too. We made this duriing the summer and used our BBQ instead of the broiler so we didn't heat up the house.
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18 Jul 2003
Reviewed by: DREGINEK
I'm not even a huge fan of deli-sliced roast beef but this was pretty good! I used miracle whip and dijon mustard - mixed the two together in a small bowl before spreading on the hoagie buns. Also - I added some sliced onion, no tomato and colby jack cheese. I'm sure any deli meat would work! Good and simple lunch!
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25 Jan 2011
Reviewed by: Veebs
pretty bland! may try this again with horseradish instead of the mayo-mustard mix to give it some kick.
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23 Sep 2006
Reviewed by: Zafo's Mom
This was so easy and tasty, I think I'll be broiling sandwiches regularly! It went quite well with french onion soup for a very filling dinner. I use the Rich and Simple French Onion Soup recipe from this site.
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