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Soft Oat Biscuits

I prefer my oat biscuits to be a little softer rather than crispier. This recipe also works great with pecans in place of walnuts.
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19 Dec 2003
Reviewed by: SILLYGIRL1
WOW! My mom and I made this cookie tonight, as we were looking for a raisin oatmeal cookie that wasn't so...bland. This recipe is FABULOUS!! Soaking the raisins makes them plump and soft (and not so raisin-like) and the cinnamon adds a great kick. We also added half a bag of Hershey's Cinnamon Chips to the mix and oh my goodness. You MUST try it. I think we have a new favorite cookie.
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19 Jul 2002
Reviewed by: SUSANCARMAN
This cookie reminded me of some my mother made called Oatmeal Rocks. They stay in a mounded shape and don't get real brown. They are softer than the ones my mother made and I like a soft cookie. I would make them again!
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02 Mar 2000
Reviewed by: SHERRY6633
This is a Great Recipe,they are very moist and chewy, and the taste is just right!!
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22 Dec 2002
Reviewed by: MELLYMAMA
My entire family loved these cookies. The only change I made was to omit the nuts. They are soft, chewy and full of flavor due to the cloves. This will certainly be a favorite cookie for years to come. My father-in-law instantly requested the recipe when he bit into one. Thank you for sharing Martha.
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05 Jun 2011
Reviewed by: hike4diamonds
Mine, too, came out as balls. I made the recipe exactly as written. They are not soft and chewy as I was hoping for, more like soft, a litttle fluffy and sort of dry (even though they were baked to just golden brown on the edges and bottom. To it's credit, the plumpled raisins were much better than firm raisins. With all the thousands of cookie recipes out there, I will try a different recipe next time I want cookies.
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22 Jan 2006
Reviewed by: Tia the Baker
these are excellent. so soft and cnewy with the plumpest raisins i've ever tasted. it's the boiling of the raisins that gets them this way. I added nutmeg as well and in place of cloves.
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30 Jun 2005
Reviewed by: Elinor Gray
Ooooops! Threw out the raisin water while I was cleaning up, but substituted cold hazelnut coffee for the liquid! Absolutely delicious cookies, great recipe, will make again very soon!! Thanks for sharing!
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07 Feb 2005
Reviewed by: JGALENS
Very great cookie, i left out the nuts and added a mooshed mediem banana instead really great, so far a fav :D
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19 Mar 2011
Reviewed by: Pam Ziegler Lutz
These are nice, soft, delicious cookies. If you're looking for a crispy cookie, look elsewhere. This dough keeps well in the refrigerator. When I baked another try a few days later, my cookies were much thicker.
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07 Mar 2006
Reviewed by: Maya
Next time I would use less clove, less raisins and more nuts. They are really good except after making them I decided I wanted crispy cookies this time, but that of course has nothing to do with the recipe, and I didn’t like the strong taste of clove. Oh, I also added some white chocolate chips. Will definitely try again!
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