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Almond Custard Bars

These bars have three layers so they look like a lot of work but they're really not. They are simple to make and are a fantastic dessert for people with a sweet tooth!
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27 Jan 2008
Reviewed by: Rhonda
These were delicious. Here's a tip for beginners. Don't add the egg to the saucepan...if it's too warm the egg will CURDLE. My mom told me to slowly beat about half of the chocolate mixture into the egg, a little at a time, so that it won't curdle from the heat. Hope this helps, thanks for the great recipe, I will make again for sure!
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06 Dec 2007
Reviewed by: Prairie Epicurian
So very delicious! I doubled the recipe to fit a 9x13 pan and it turned out fabulous. Tip for bottom layer: To avoid curdling the egg, I beat the eggs in a separate bowl and slowly added 1/2 cup of the melted cocoa mixture to the egg while whisking, then slowly added the egg mixture to the rest of the cocoa mix while whisking. Turned out perfect!
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01 Dec 2006
Reviewed by: Mom of L & J
Excellent Recipe!! Living in Canada I've been making Nanaimo bars every Christmas for as long as I can remember! The recipe I usually use is a little different than this one but what a difference a few changes can make. The filling is nice and firm, the crust moist and the topping not too hard! It cuts into squares excellent (I line my pan with parchment paper so it's easier to get out of the pan and cut.) The top doesn't crack when you're cutting it and the filling doesn't squish out the sides and the bottom stays together nicely. This is my new Nanaimo bar recipe that I'll be using from now on!! Thanks for the great recipe!
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15 Jul 2011
Reviewed by: hinazee
This is one of the BEST desserts I have ever made. I had 20 of my husband's co-workers over for tea today, and every single one of them asked me for the recipe. I had catered goodies from a local bakery, yet nearly everyone bypassed those treats for this homemade one. We recently returned from Vancouver where I tried these bars for the first time and fell in love. They are delicious. FIRST TIP: Use "digestive cookies" instead of "graham crackers" to make your crumbs. Graham crackers are sweet, whereas digestives are a little saltier and crunchier -- yum yum! SECOND TIP: Use custard powder (you can find Bird's Eye Custard Powder at Cost Plus and in the British Foods aisle of many specialty grocery stores). Instant vanilla pudding mix is too sweet! Custard powder is just corn starch with some flavoring and coloring and salt, but it gives you the perfect texture, taste, and look. Don't use anything else. THIRD TIP: Be sure to use almonds which you have ground up in the food processor (where I also grind up the digestives). FOURTH TIP: You'll probably want to double the recipe because these go fast. FIFTH TIP: Be sure to read "the most helpful reviews" for how to avoid curdling/scrambling the eggs when you add them to the hot chocolate mixture. The tips worked like a charm for me!
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25 Sep 2007
Reviewed by: windlecm
I am from Nanaimo BC and we have Nanaimo Bars everywhere in this town. Of all of the Nanaimo Bar recipes I have tried, this recipe is the closest to what I have always known as the original Nanimo Bar recipe.
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30 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: roxythegoddess
NEVER microwave your chocolate - it makes it crack during cutting! I prefer to double the icing and double the chocolate topping. I garnished my bars with fresh cranberries to add a pop of edible colour - place one whole berry in the centre before placing the pan in the fridge and it will set nicely. Also, I usually end up cracking the chocolate when I cut into squares anyway, so I use muffin tins!
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19 Aug 2001
Reviewed by: 3KIDS5
5 stars and more! I just came back from Vancouver, Canada and had them for the first time at a 5 star hotel. One bite and I just had to have the recipe. Thanks for sharing it. These were identical to the ones I had... (I used the instant vanilla pudding mix).
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09 Oct 2006
Reviewed by: nanaimobar
Very Delicious! One of my favourite treats...I'm from nanaimo and these were awesome! I used milk and pudding powder as suggested, and would recommend adding a little less butter to the first 2 layers (or at least the middle layer), closer to 2/3C, because it did turn out a little greasy. but otherwise, WONDERFUL!
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08 Jun 2008
Reviewed by: cheryl
these were easier than i first thought they would be. I used nilla wafer crumbs instead of graham, instant vanilla pudding mix and took the suggestion of others and mixed some of the chocolate mixture into the beaten egg before adding to prevent curdling. To make spreading the chocolate on top easier i put the pan in the freezer for about 20 minutes and let the chocolate cool for the same amount of time and it spread easily. I cut them by using a serrated knife that i dipped in warm water. They cut easy with no cracking. Nice presentation. Theses bars are very rich and very sweet. I cut them into very small squares and no one could eat more than one. Nice flavor.
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18 Apr 2011
Reviewed by: blossom
Hubby says they are TOOO good! That's good! Guess we'll make them lots. After reading reviews and making I have some recommendations. I did not have an issue with the eggs curdling, maybe because my double boiled mixture was not overly hot. Perhaps the coconut could be reduced to 3/4 C next time. But my non-coconut friends even liked these. We do not have custard powder around SO...I did some research and I was pleased with how they turned out. DO NOT USE VANILLA pudding. Custard powder is NOT pudding. Simply substitute 2 TBSP of cornstarch and vanilla. I had vanilla powder, so I used a tsp of that. I also only used one cup of p. sugar. It was the right sweetness but I wish there was a little more of that layer, so next time I might try two cups of p. sugar, if that is too sweet, than I will add another stick of butter to increase volume. Used semi-sweet chips for topping. Turned out beautifully! Can't wait to make these when it's too hot this summer to bake.
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