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Turkey Burgers with Blue Cheese

These are delicious turkey burgers - your family will never know that you are using turkey instead of beef.
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16 Apr 2012
Reviewed by: jodybell
These were delicious! We only used 75g of mushrooms, but they still worked perfectly.
04 Mar 2008
Reviewed by: JCL
EDITED: I made these twice now. First time I made them stovetop and continued basting the burgers in the juices that were running out. My husband said these were the best burgers ever. I used Borsin cheese instead of blue and mixed it in. Second time - we grilled them and juices ran out. Still good but not amazing. LESSON LEARNED - these should be made stove top.
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12 Oct 2005
Reviewed by: Julie
We probably eat this recipe at least once a week - love it! We add a full container of the crumbled bleu cheese (about 1/2 cup) directly to the mixture and it makes 8 burgers (much better than sprinkled on top). Great the 2nd day too (and don't worry if the burgers appear "black" out of the fridge... that's just the mushrooms with all the moisture. They're wonderful! We fry in a pan with just a touch of butter if it's not grilling season. Thanks for the recipe.
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17 Jan 2008
Reviewed by: sallymander
These burgers just received rave reviews from my family, they were very moist and flavorful as well as easy to prepare. I altered the recipe in some minor ways according to what I had on hand. I used 20oz. ground turkey (that's what was in the pkg.), two medium sized portobella mushroom caps (probably about 3oz.), and feta cheese rather than blue cheese that I crumbled into the mixture before cooking. I also cooked them on the stovetop in a nonstick pan sprayed with oil. I made the patties rather small, there were 10 total, thus avoiding the 'falling apart' problem mentioned in a couple of the reviews. They were great! I have already added this recipe to my personal file and will undoubtedly use it as a starting point for endless variations.
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21 Nov 2003
Reviewed by: Cinderiel
There is simply no better way to make turkey burgers! I was quite dubious about this recipe's success, owing to a personal aversion to blue cheese, but I was stunned, and pleasantly so, by the flavour of these burgers. I'll never settle for a bland, insipid turkey burg again! As for my method, I followed the advice of the other reviewers who incorporated the cheese directly in the meat. I also used tinned mushrooms, which did not seem to diminish or detract from flavour or texture.
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09 Sep 2003
Reviewed by: mello
I add the cheese into the mixture before grilling, and usually add more than it suggests. Grilling these on the George Foreman works great. It turns into a year round recipe. Once you make these, it's hard to go back to plain turkey burgers.
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12 Jun 2007
Reviewed by: Mary A.
Fresh ground turkey works for burgers much better than frozen, thawed turkey thus eliminating the need for bread crumbs, etc. Added four cloves of garlic and some steak seasoning. Sauted onions, garlic and mushrooms before adding to the turkey to reduce water in the mushrooms. Did not have blue cheese; used crumbled feta and added to the mixture. The mushrooms make these very good.
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03 Aug 2003
Reviewed by: WAYNEAC
This is the best Turkey burger I've tasted.
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18 Sep 2003
Reviewed by: Trish M.
Excellent burgers. I left out the blue cheese and they are still moist and delicious. I don't make any other kind of ground beef burgers anymore because these are so much more better than the normal one's. Love this recipe!~
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23 May 2003
Reviewed by: Laura Lavezzo Carrico
These are pretty good! I mixed the blue cheese in with the meat and everything else. I did forget the chopped onion, but they were still good -- I just served them with fresh sliced onion instead. I used the leftovers to make Italian Wedding Soup the next day!
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