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Spicy Barbecued Beef

Korean barbecued beef, called bulgogi, is an absolute treat when served with white rice and lettuce leaves for rolling.
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16 Jan 2006
Reviewed by: e-s-t-a-r
being korean-american myself, i'm very picky about my bul-ko-gi. there are tons of bul-ko-gi recipes out on the web (and i've tried many bad ones), and none have tasted as authentic as this! this recipe took me back to when my grandma would make it for me as a kid. not to mention, my husband loved this recipe too. this is definitely a keeper!
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25 Sep 2004
Reviewed by: DEZMONTE
Oh my god! These korean bbq short ribs are absolutely perfect!! I can't say enough about them--my family loved them and ate them up faster than anything else--they are already begging, BEGGING for more. Easy to prepare and EXTREMELY tasty! I do have to say though that the rice wine is hard to find if you are not used to cooking Asian foods. Rice vinegar is NOT the same as rice wine!! If you go to an Asian market though, there will be a whole shelf devoted to different kinds of rice wine--just get the regular clear one. Also, I omitted the sesame seeds and they still came out perfect. I also think I am going to marinade it a little bit longer than the 2-3 hours so I could let that perfect flavor soak in even more--to each their own. THANK YOU for this recipe!!
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20 Oct 2007
Reviewed by: KC324
I'm Korean-American and have had Bul-Go-Gi countless times. This is the best recipe, trully authentic as others have stated. Recipes I've tried from Korean cookbooks did not turned out as well as this one did. This is definately a keeper.
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27 Mar 2012
Reviewed by: Mark G
I prepared this for a group of 70 that meets every month for lunch, but substituted pork tenderloin for the beef because of cost. I served it to be portioned in a romaine lettuce leaf or flour tortilla, and with bean sprouts, julienned carrot and cucumber, chopped cabbage, and thinly-sliced sweet onion and fresh ginger, and fresh cilantro marinaded for 4 days in sesame oil, rice vinegar, and Serachi. I also made a side of fresh lime-cilantro mayonnaise that needed to be replenished half-way through the line. I also offered jasmine rice as an accompaniment. Without exception people reported it was the best lunch they had every been served at their meetings.
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19 Jul 2005
Reviewed by: ADWEENAL
Tanya, these were so delicious. I made it last night and I can't stop thinking of it. So tasty - I marinatred it for 1 full day.. and I did not use any ginger (i forgot to buy some). The beef had such a complex taste - we wanted to savour every bite. Thanks so much, my fiancee and I will make this again and again
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10 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: Spec2
Don't forget to hang on to the marinade! If you boil it to kill any lingering bacteria from the raw beef, you'll end up with a great sauce for some stir-fried or grilled veggies on the side.
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13 Oct 2006
Reviewed by: LisainCalifornia
This is my favorite marinade. I have used it once a week since I discovered it last summer. I often marinade short ribs or steak in it, and then cook them on my double grill pan (fits over two burners on my stove). My whole family loves it! Many thanks for posting it! Lisa
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26 Dec 2005
I enjoyed this recipe! I used another type of cut of meat... london broil to be exact. It worked just fine. This was my first time using pear. I am not sure but is it a tenderazer? I have used kiwi before but never pear and will have to continue to use pear from now on. I would rec using a little more that the norm on the following: garlic, s.seeds, s.oil, mirin and of course allowing more time for the meat to marinade on the actual sauce. It is delicious!!!
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23 Sep 2006
Reviewed by: BARB9000
Are you joking? This is the best! I am half Korean and grew up with this - tastes just right! Soooo good - everyone loves this dish. Can't go wrong.
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28 Feb 2005
Reviewed by: Hot Chilli
This was very tasty. I used Rice Vinegar instead of Rice Wine as I couldn't find it. Served in pita bread with fresh tomato & lettuce.
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