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Easy Buttercream Icing

This is a quick and easy recipe for buttercream icing. It is useful to decorate just about any cake.
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17 Jul 2010
Reviewed by: Lena Sterne
I gave this only 4 stars b/c in my opinion butter cream should ONLY contain BUTTER, otherwise it would be called "Margarine and Shortening Frosting". I used 1 c butter, and slowly mixed in the sugar. I really like vanilla so I used 5 tsps. The key to getting the right consistency with any icing is to only add enough milk to reach desired consistency not the WHOLE amount as listed in any recipe. The amount of humidity in the air will affect your icing as sugar is hydroscopic (absorbs water).
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27 Nov 2008
Reviewed by: lovestohost
At the very last minute, I remembered my SIL is pregnant and the buttercream I usually use contains raw egg, so this was the first one I found in my frantic rush that did NOT contain raw egg. I only had butter-flavored Crisco, so I used that and *real* butter instead of margarine. This frosting spread well AND piped well for decoration. Oh yeah, and it tasted great, too. TY for a great eggless butter cream recipe! EDIT: People often ask me which butter cream frosting I prefer and I can never remember (I like all of them that I've tried), but THIS IS my favorite! I live the combo of shortening (I use butter flavored Crisco) AND butter. This is great tasting frosting, similar to DH canned frosting taste, but way better! Another EDIT: I almost never use exactly the same amount of 10X sugar; it depends on conditions and what I'm using it for, so don't be worried if you need a little more or a little less than what's called for (the same holds true for the milk, which I sometimes sub heavy cream for, as well)!
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10 Jan 2011
Reviewed by: Nonna
Great recipe for a quick EASY frosting. I doubled it and piped it on 2 dozen cupcakes. Perfect consistency. It's also great to substitue the vanilla extract with almond extract.
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23 Jun 2002
Reviewed by: Chickenbone
I've been using this recipe for years. This is really good on sugar cookies (cut-outs). Everyone raves over the frosting and always asks for the recipe. If you have a lot left over - it freezes very well. I let it thaw in the refrigerator over night, then let it sit out for a few minutes prior to frosting, give it a good beat and it's ready to go.
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30 Apr 2006
Reviewed by: Stephany Brown
Makes great icing, pipes well and will hold up to almost any weather. I have been using this on all kinds of cakes from wedding cakes to bithday cakes for 20 years. Great, easy recipe.
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06 Feb 2006
Reviewed by: Allegra
I have quite a sweet tooth, and this icing was too sweet even for me. If I was to make this again, I would probably follow the advice of other reviewers and cut back on the sugar. I also would use a butter and shortening combination. The taste of the margerine takes away from the recipe.
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30 Sep 2002
Reviewed by: SGORDON
Great Frosting! I finally have a frosting that tastes as good as the cake. It is exactly like bakery shop icing! Thank you for the recipe.
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26 Jul 2003
Reviewed by: JULPUTNAM
This icing was PERFECT...this icing looks and tastes wonderful! I actually used 1 teas. vanilla and 1/2 teas. almond extract, which seems to give it a little extra flavor. It was light and fluffy, but set very nicely after it had been spread. It is sweet, light, melt-in-your-mouth butter cream, but if not too heavy on the butter taste like many icings. Definately a winner!!
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04 Mar 2004
Reviewed by: MARYSUE40
This recipe just goes to show you that not everyone has the same taste-Yuck. Maybe I'm just not a fan of shortning....
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17 Jun 2003
Reviewed by: MENIQUE28
This recipe was great. I cut the recipe down for 10 servings and it turned out just wonderful. It was light and fluffy and perfect for decorateing my cupcakes.Thanx for shareing...
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