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Pork Sausage, Prawn and Chicken Gumbo

Gumbo is a style of dish originating from south Louisiana USA. It is a thick stew like dish that contains seafood and/or meat in a thick sauce. Serve over rice.
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17 Jan 2007
Reviewed by: DITTY319
My 3yo ate this. That by far is an accomplishment!!!! I did take the advice of others. I cut the chx broth to 3 cans. did not have roma tomatoes so i used 2 cans of diced plus about a cup of crushed tomatoes. i also added crabmeat, i would not recommend wasting money on lump meat, in the end its not lump anymore. i did not add the shrimp with the other meats (for 20mins due complaints of them being rubbery). I waited until it was done, turned the pot off, then added the shrimp, stirring occasionally. they were done and perfect in about 10-15mins. this also served as my cooling time. This is definitely a keeper!!!!! oh yeah if don't have sweet onions on hand use reg onions and 1 1/2 teaspoons of white sugar.
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24 Mar 2008
Reviewed by: ColoradoPat
This was my second try with this recipe and my third try at gumbo. My first attempt was when I was wooing my wife and I went a bit overboard with the seafood (about a $60 pot of Gumbo). The first time I tried this recipe it came out great and my wife and I both loved it. Just made it for the third time and it is the best yet. As I have been told Gumbo is all about the roux. My first tries I was paranoid about burning it so I proceeded before the roux was ready. This time I used medium/low heat and took my time. It took about 35 minutes, but it was well worth it. Roux should be a nice medium brown (at least a little darker than peanut butter). A good roux has a delicious nutty aroma and will make a good recipe phenomenal. Thank you so much for the recipe and the comments!
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05 Jun 2003
Reviewed by: DREGINEK
Hot Diggity Dog! THIS IS AWESOME! If your in the mood for some foot stomping, "toe-curling" gumbo - this is the recipe to try! Even if you've never had gumbo before - this would be a great recipe to convert you! Per others, I reduced the broth to 5 cups, increased the chicken and used "smoked cajun sausage" (and more of it). Also, I drained a can of tomatoes instead of chopping the roma's and used a green bell pepper instead of the red chile peppers. Thick, hearty, spicy (but not hot) and great over rice. Makes a ton but it we can't wait for the leftovers! Thanks so much Jason and Lupe! This recipe deserves nothing less than five stars!!!
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06 Mar 2006
Reviewed by: Lupe Boudreaux
Glad you all like the recipe. Been a few years since I worked on this one. Try adding some oysters and lump crab meat. You will love it. The recipe is only soupy until you add it with rice. Shred a Cooked Chicken instead of using Raw for better texture. Also, I add roasted & peeled Poblano peppers now and I also use a bock beer for depth of flavor. Won Gumbo Cookoff May 2012 with this recipe!!!!
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04 Feb 2007
Reviewed by: Wilemon
This was very good. Once my roux browned I transfered to my slow cooker and continued with the remaining ingredients. I only used slightly more than 2 quarts of bouillon, was perfect and do believe 3 quarts would have been way too much broth. I used all bouillon and no broth actually. The 'Better Than Bouillon' brand of chicken bouillon is the best I have found. Used 1/8 cup of McCormick' Cajun and 1/8 cup to Tony's Creole, one dried red chili pepper and one green chili pepper seeded and vein removed, then minced. I also added okra. What works best for me is to sautee the okra in olive oil until it is no longer 'sticky', this method takes the 'slim' out before adding to the gumbo. I only cooked the shrimp 10 minutes after turning my cooker off and it was perfect.
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26 Feb 2004
Reviewed by: KRISTIN27
This is the best thing I cook! I love it. It is soooo flavorful and has quite a kick. I am new to cooking and this is a challenging recipe, but I have made it more than any other recipe I have because it is so worth it. It makes a lot so I freeze half and I think it is even better reheated. I have made some changes to the recipe too: I cut back on the broth, omitted the sausage (health reasons), omitted the shrimp, doubled the chicken. I didn't find that the shrimp was worth the effort since the chicken is so good in it anyway. I add the entire can of tomatoes with peppers. Double the celery. Also, I don't fry up the chicken, I just let it cook right in the soup. It's much easier that way. I never reviewed a recipe before, but I like this one so much I made an exception.
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13 May 2006
Reviewed by: Tamala Hawks- Lites
made this a day ahead so the flavors could marinate. It has a kick to it and turned out pretty good . shared it with family and friends. Also took the shells from the shrimp and baked them at 375 until golden brown and add them to the beer and chicken broth and cooked for 1-2 hours add alot of flavor to the broth. good use for the shrimp shells nothing goes to waste this way.
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13 Jul 2003
Reviewed by: MHOHMANN
I picked this based off all the reviews. First time I tried making gumbo and I was very impressed. A little vague on what kind of cajun spice to use there are so many to choose from. I used Tonys Creole...a bit high in sodium. All in all this gumbo rocked everyone was pleased. I added Okra to it which I was surprised not to see in the ingredients. I used Tecate Beer I wondered if what beer really mattered. This one is a keeper! The only downside is prep time I hope your good with a knife watch dem fingers!
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15 Oct 2002
Reviewed by: Karen Green
Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! This is the first dish I made for some new found friends that are serious about their food! I am glad to report that they went back for seconds, and then thirds!! Not a drop left!! I also doubled the chicken, and might even go so far as to double the sausage and shrimp next time... a permanent recipe in our household! YUM!!
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30 Jul 2003
Reviewed by: SARAHJE
This was really good, but it was too salty. I used Zatarain's creole seasoning which I will use less of next time or add more water. I would definitely use a better sausage than pork links next time. I would suggest andouille. It makes a whole lot, so I may half the recipe next time. My freezer is overloaded with leftovers!
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