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Guacamole with Tomatoes

Diced tomatoes work well blended into a classic guacamole. Use as a dip with corn chips, dry crackers or grissini sticks. See this recipe being made at Allrecipes Guacamole Video.
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09 Dec 2008
Reviewed by: Linda
This goes fast at parties. Add more garlic and perhaps even some hot sauce for extra zing. You could add salsa too.
08 Jun 2003
Reviewed by: CLINK1833
Yum! This was my first attempt at making gauc and I was not let down by the high rating on this recipe. I adapted it a little to my taste by adding more cilantro and garlic and adding some ground cumin. When choosing your avocados choose ones that are blemish free and have a slight give when squeezed lightly. There are so many different varities that color is not a good indication. Sure this has a lot of fat in it, but it's the good fat that our bodies need to keep are skin supple and our joints lubricated (tell that to my hips!)! 07/07/08 Update I just had to update my review on this recipe. My first review was the first time that I had made this recipe - now I am known for my guac! I don't use a recipe any more, but it is similiar to this. I think the key to delicious guac is lots of garlic and a lot of lime juice. The lime juice does more than flavor the quac - it keeps it from turning brown. I also add jalepenios (sp?) seeded, ribbed and finely chopped for a little heat. Another thing I add is some cumin - one of my favorite spices. Teh quac I make is chunky, but chunky from the tomatoes, onion and peppers - the avocado I make very smooth. You don't want to make this too soon as some discoloration can occur. I have made it the night before and it's fine but I prefer to make it a few hours before hand. That way it stays nice and fresh but the flavors have time to marry. Regardless of when you make it always flatten the top surface smooth and squirt the jui
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08 Jul 2007
Reviewed by: 4everLuuvd
I line in Arizona and my husband and I both love guacamole. We've eaten guacamole too many times to count and have made it countless times before. WE BOTH LOOOOVED THIS RECIPE! I followed the recipe exactly and it was THE BEST GUACAMOLE I EVER MADE! My husband is picky about salsa and guacamole, due to his grandmother who makes everything so awesome, but he even said this was the BEST ONE YET! MUST TRY!!! I WILL ONLY MAKE THIS GUACAMOLE FROM NOW ON! Thanks!
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26 Mar 2003
Reviewed by: JOSIE
This was excellent!! When I can find ripe avacados at Costco, I buy them because they come 5 to a package and that's cheaper than buying them individually. I scaled the recipe down (using only 1 avacado) because it was just me eating this. Instead of chopping up the onions and garlic, I used onion and garlic powder. In my opinion, they taste just as good and are much quicker. I also added a spoonful of salsa to mine. I love eating this alone with chips or as a side dish to my lunch or dinner. Thanks for sharing. Will definitley make again!!
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10 Jan 2011
Reviewed by: Jillian
Great Guacamole! This was everything guacamole should be: smooth and creamy with just the right amount of flavor. Nothing overpowering, nothing artificial, no jarred salas or other oddities to make it some sort of "creation". I de-seeded the tomatoes, used red onion and added a little more than 1/4 tsp. of cumin - it went great with warm tortilla chips! This recipe is a definite keeper for sure!!!
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10 Jul 2007
Reviewed by: CRUNCHM
Awesome taste! It took me longer than 10 minutes to prepare, but it might be that I am just slow at chopping and cutting. Also, be wary of over mashing the avacado - I thought I didn't like it chunky, but smooth becomes kinda soupy. With the whole lime, this doesn't turn brown for over 24 hours in a sealed container. Best to eat immediately (or after chilled for an hour), lots of liquid pools in it after a couple days. UPDATE: Do not freeze this to use at a later time ... the consistency is just strange after thawing and the flavors change. Still the best Guac, though. Thank you for a great addition! :D
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01 Feb 2002
Reviewed by: TERRA3
Delicious. NOTES: *I leave out the tomatoes and serve pico de gallo alongside. On the rare occasion there are leftovers, mixed-in tomato makes the guacamole go off faster. Same amount of work, just throw the tomatoes in a separate bowl and toss some extra onion, chili, cilantro, and lime. *Lime acts like salt on the palate, so add salt after the lime juice; you will end up using less. *I always add some ground toasted cumin seed and a seeded jalapeno. *Great with and without garlic. *Reserve half the avocado chunks to add at the end for textural variety. *The most important thing, though, is to use ripe avocados. Buy them a day or 2 beforehand, then let them sit in a brown paper bag on the counter with a ripe apple, pear, or bananas until the avocados are softer. *If the avocados aren't perfectly delicious, I add a little extra virgin olive oil to the mix.
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09 Mar 2003
Reviewed by: BirshyKat
Excellent! My husband loved it! Fresh Cilantro is a must(.70 cents a bunch). We like chunkier style Guacamole so mashed two of the avocados & chopped the third into very small pieces. These pieces will mush up alittle as you stir in other ingredients, but still give it alittle chunk. If it is still too chunky you can mash it alittle with back of spatula. I will use this recipe on a regular basis. Thanks!
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20 Apr 2005
Reviewed by: thea
this recipe is easy and delicious! we make it all the time... (and add more cayenne to spice it up) LOVE IT! tip - leave the pits in the container when refrigerating... it's lasts longer without going brown.
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26 Feb 2002
Reviewed by: Jennifer Fuselier
add a tbls or two of sour cream
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