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Chicken Mince Casserole

A very budget friendly dinner dish, this chicken mince casserole is easy to make and very satisfying. Use whatever vegetables you prefer.
Reviews (15)

09 Jun 2016
Reviewed by: LesleyBeswick
I added a little sweet chilli sauce (about 1/4 cup) along with fresh parsley. YUMMMMMM
25 May 2016
Reviewed by: bacchusjools
Not flavorsome enough for my liking , was just like boiled chicken so would add more spices or some chorizo to lift it, Husband polished it off and so did one child out of two so will keep in mind
12 Jun 2010
Reviewed by: Eternal41269
I made this for two people with reduced amount an cooking time. The mince came out with a lovely texture an the sauce was nice an thick, but I found the dish as a whole although edible to be lacking in flavour. I doubt I'll make it again.
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01 Apr 2013
Reviewed by: jandex1963
dead easy, dead tasty can be tweaked if you don't have everything in the cupboard, fridge Very versatile....enjoy Thanks for sharing
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25 Nov 2011
Reviewed by: caroleve2
So easy to make and delicious. I did however, make a couple of small changes. I added some tomato puree to the mixture and the potatoes I sliced and par boiled as we do like our tatties! Tipped them on the mixture and lots of grated cheese on the top - superb!!!
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15 Mar 2010
Reviewed by: Keri
This was lovely,i will definitely be making this again
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26 Mar 2016
Reviewed by: Unitariancook
Added some oxo woshtishire sauce and parsley stalks for added richness. For veg went for some carrots and parsnips. Served with peas in garlic butter
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22 Jun 2014
Reviewed by: jakfritchley
Really easy to make with simple ingredients, a very tasty meal to through together any night of the week
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28 Mar 2013
Reviewed by: CheffieMonster
Tasty and easy.
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29 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: joanne611
I made this and turned out very good. I also added curry and some meat seosonings, you can add anykind of seasonings you like. On top of sliced pototoes, I put grated adam cheese and some crushed black pepper (as you can see on picture above). I will definitely be making this again, all family loved it
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