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Deap Fried Eggplant Balls

These spicy eggplant snacks are a great treat for your guests and easy to make. Adjust the chilli to suit your tastes.
Reviews (7)

21 Jun 2011
ah.1965 said:
Altered ingredient amounts. Deap? What does this mean?
26 Jan 2003
Thanks for the great idea. I did adjust the recipe and directions to suit my needs. I mashed the eggplant instead of using the food processor and added potato flakes and Italian flavored breadcrumbs instead of flour for a better rolling consistency. Then I browned them in garlic and olive oil for a real Italian flavor. They are quite tasty and great with spaghetti squash.
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20 Mar 2000
Reviewed by: Jerrol
very messy. the balls did not stay together when fried. Consistency was mushy.
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20 Jul 2008
Reviewed by: xray29588
I used some of the other users idea's and they turned out great! I used one black beauty eggplant and one white eggplant. I added 2 eggs and used itailan bread crumbs and garlic seasoned potatoe flakes. I added some additional itailan seasonings and some magic cheff seasonings. Then I hand rolled them into small meatball size balls and deep fried them. To some of the mix I added some curry, cumin and red pepper flakes. I will definitly use this recipe again. My husband really enjoyed them!
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25 Aug 2011
Reviewed by: Holly A.
I steamed & processed the eggplant with a couple cloves garlic and chopped onion. Added bread crumbs from three pieces of toast instead of flour. 2 eggs, didn't have pepperocini. added a little powdered potatoes and cheddar cheese. I also added red pepper flakes, cumin, and curry, like another user suggested. Next time I'm going to try pan frying in little cakes. My husband said it sounded gross, but then after dinner, asked to take the leftovers to work. : )
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22 Sep 2010
Reviewed by: Amanda Donovan
wow. this is awful. i guess the taste is ok, but the texture is mushy and slimy, and it does NOT hold together at all during frying. needs some glue to give it some structure, but in the future ill just have my eggplant sweat and roasted the old fashioned way.
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30 May 2017
Reviewed by: Raven
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