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Fresh Green Pea Soup

Fresh green peas are a delight and this is the perfect way to prepare them. If fresh are not available, frozen is fine - but thaw them first.
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16 Mar 2008
Reviewed by: Julia
One word: exquisite. I made this recipe to serve 12, and the only changes I made were to use a large spanish onion instead of 6 medium shallots, and a little garlic salt. Once pureed this soup has a beautiful colour & texture; velvety and delicate. I absolutely loved this, and would make it again any time. Frozen peas worked just fine for me. A little bit of whipping cream & a sprig of mint garnished this very nicely. Thank you so much for the recipe!
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02 Nov 2007
This was fantastic! I made a few small changes. I used frozen peas instead of fresh, vegetable broth instead of water and sour cream instead of whipping cream. I will definitely make this again.
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21 Feb 2008
Reviewed by: E
Really liked this! I made a few alterations: Sauteed a clove of garlic in a bit of olive oil, used half of a small yellow onion (what I had), salt, pepper, and rosemary, (a dash of crushed red pepper (tiny tiny sprinkle), and used vegetable stock instead of water and it was fabulous! Great flavor and smooth velvety texture.
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18 May 2008
Reviewed by: alisonbydesign
Served this at a French themed dinner club gathering of 12 people. Added garlic, fresh rosemary, a bit of dry sherry and garlic salt. I also used frozen peas with vege broth, but only just heated the mixture before blending it. I did not strain it as I like a some texture. Finished with a sprinkling of chardonnay/garlic flavored sea salt, a dolop of sour cream and a sprig of rosemary as garnish. It was a hit getting rave reviews from everyone. It maintained its fresh look and flavor, I think in part because I did not cook for it any length of time. Everyone was asking for the recipe!
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21 Feb 2009
Reviewed by: Mairose
this was great! I changed a few things about it though: used a regular onion, chopped up and cooked with 1 garlic clove (mashed). I also used vegetable stock instead of the water and left a few peas "unmashed" to give it a homey feeling. I don't think it's enough for 4 servings though, more like 2.
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20 Feb 2009
I added 3-4 spinach leaves for color and half a potato cubed for thickness
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09 Jan 2009
Reviewed by: Fabienne
I followed the recipe but use frozen peas, half and half, and vegetable broth (made from "Better Than Bouillon" in the vegetable flavor). Excellent, just excellent. It's sweet all by itself, it's the most beautiful shade of green (not chartreuse), it's filling and has fiber, and it's not heavy calories. I love this soup and am going to make it a permanent part of my own personal "dinner spinner". ---Fabienne
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13 Dec 2010
Reviewed by: Mud Mom
Very good soup! What a nice treat since it is change from the usual split pea soup. I did use frozen peas & chicken broth, a stick blender and I did not strain it. We really enjoyed it. Next time I will make a double batch (or more) because it was no where near enough for my family of 3.
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28 May 2012
Reviewed by: HSILCOX
This has become a mainstay this late spring, and will probably remain one, as long as the farmers' market has fresh peas for sale. I add a half teaspoon of white pepper and a scant teaspoon of salt while the peas are simmering and use my immersion blender to (more or less) puree. Straining seems tedious, pointless, and counterproductive. So easy and tasty! And good hot or cold!
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07 May 2012
Reviewed by: slo_cook
I absolutely love fresh peas, either eaten raw as soon as I pick them or put in boiling water for about 30 seconds. Just long enough for the butter to melt. For this recipe I left them in the boiling water for 1 min and then used a submersion blender to puree them, added 1 tb of butter along with the heavy cream. When I first came across this recipe I thought, how nice a fresh pea recipe that does not call for mint.
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