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Lemon and Peanut Chicken Satay

A lovely Indonesian style marinated chicken recipe based on peanut butter, soy sauce and lemon juice. Great for a bbq.
Reviews (526)

08 Oct 2008
Something else. I was surprised at how tasty this was. I altered it a bit and left out the garlic and hot sauce. Marinated the chicken about 5 hours then sauteed the chicken in the marinade. The marinade thickened and clung to the chicken. The only complaint I have using my version is the chicken was a tad salty even though I used low salt soy sauce. My husband declared it one of his favourites and I'll make this again!
08 Oct 2008
claudygirl said:
Altered ingredient amounts. With the addition of 2 more tablespoons of peanut butter, this marinade was truly delicious. I pounded boneless skinless chicken breasts thinly, marinated them overnight in this mixture, then baked them at 200 degrees for 35 minutes. Served with rice pilaf and asian coleslaw.The family thoroughly enjoyed this one. Thank you.
08 Oct 2008
Altered ingredient amounts. Easy to make and nice results. I used more peanut butter and less curry.
31 Mar 2011
Magdellin said:
Used different ingredients. Due to an allergy in the house I left out the soy sauce and mixed Worcestershire and fish sauce instead. Husband and the kids liked the meal, but I felt it was a bit of a sauce overload. Since they loved it so much I'll probably make it again, but use more peanut butter next time.
08 Oct 2008
Reviewed by: ZETA426
I prepared these for a party I threw for my son's birthday. The crowd devoured them before I got to even try a bite. I guess they must have been good!
08 Oct 2008
Reviewed by: PLNJ
Delicious and fast! Serve with chopped cucumber and red onion mixed with a little lime juice. Also, works great with or without the skewers.
21 Jan 2016
Reviewed by: GailCrichton
Printed Jan 20/16 - loved it and as per others increased peanut butter and used a little less curry.
16 Feb 2015
Reviewed by: Marsel
This was lovely and I will definitely be keeping this recipe.
05 May 2013
Reviewed by: sylviesheep
Love it!
24 Sep 2011
Reviewed by: chelsey71
Absolutely delicious, my partner says its the best satay he has ever had!!!


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