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Beetroot and pineapple cake

This cake goes in the oven pink and comes out a nice rich beige colour. I often ice it with a cream cheese icing.
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28 Feb 2010
Reviewed by: Clarefisher
Turned out great. I iced it with cream cheese iceing. Great flavour and nice and moist. Thankyou Tammy this is a keeper.
24 Nov 2016
Reviewed by: chefolga
this turned out very light and fluffy. Delicious, could have done with walnuts as well I think. Surprisingly not very sweet, even though it has pineapple. Great recipe.
07 Dec 2014
Reviewed by: ElizabethMenz
This beetroot and pineapple cake is really delicious with a nice crunchy outer. We roasted the beets in foil before peeling them then shredding them. would be yummy with Greek style yoghurt too.
06 May 2012
Reviewed by: Sweets86
Surprised the family with this one!! Everybody loves it despite their initial hesitance over beetroot cake! Great with the cream cheese icing, thanks
31 Aug 2004
Reviewed by: COOKINGMOM3
This cake is very similar-tasting to a moist carrot cake. I pureed my beets instead of shredding, I don't know how much difference it made, but it was less messy to prepare that way. I also frosted it with a cream cheese frosting with cut-up maraschino cherries mixed in- then everyone else thought the little bits of beet they DID find were cherries instead! The top of this cake still is pink, although inside is beige. Anything you like with carrot cake would be good with this- chopped nuts, coconut on top of cream cheese frosting, a little orange mixed in the frosting, etc.
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28 Oct 2009
Reviewed by: bj
Fabulous!! I made it sugar free, gluten free and lower in fat. I heated 1/2 c coconut oil and mixed it with 1.5 c. of z sweet (found at Sprouts/WF), 1 c egg whites, 1 c. unsweetened applesauce (for the pineapple), 3 c. gluten free flour, and 1/4 c. ground flax. Awesome.
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27 Feb 2008
Reviewed by: Breanna W.
Delicious! I made this cake into two 8 inch rounds; one to take to a potluck and one for home, they were a big hit with both crowds! The only thing I changed was to glaze one of the cakes with a warm brown sugar pecan glaze (brown sugar mixed with chopped pecans, milk, and powdered sugar)and I also left out the allspice because I didn't have any. Both cakes were eaten up, and I left the party with an empty plate! If you are worried about an earthy beet taste or picky eaters try using the glaze; pureeing the beets rather than grating them might help too.
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07 Nov 2006
Reviewed by: Resizzy
I tried this recipe the other evening. I thought it was very good. To me it had a slight banana flavor to it even though there is no banana in it. It tasted even better the next day. I did frost it with a Lemon Cream Cheese frosting. I also used fresh pineapple because it was all I had. My mother did not care for it because it had beets into it and to her beets are not for dessert. LOL
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28 Jun 2010
Reviewed by: tom1073
This cake is awesome and a great conversation piece!!! The cake a much, much better with raisins so I highly reccomend you add a half cup raisins.
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04 Sep 2009
This cake was unbelievably delicious! My friends husband took some home for his wife (my friend) to try (she hates beets)and let her eat it before he told her beets were in it. She argued with him that there was no way beets were in this cake....LOL. So it is that good! Taste like spice cake. I used Butter Cream Frosting 1 from Allrecipes. Everything was very, very good!
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