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Basic Chicken Adobo

Adobo is a Filipino cooking style which uses vinegar, soy sauce and whole black peppercorns for a lovely blend of piquant flavours.
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12 Oct 2003
Reviewed by: GIGI2003
I'm Filipino-Amer. and I like to try other adobo recipes. This recipe needed some adjustments to it. Salt didn't need to be added because the soysauce is salty enough-the water didn't need to be added because it waters down the flavor and adding 1 to 2 bay leaves are a big part of this recipe. There are also several variations to cooking this recipe. Traditional stove top cooking can be messy so baking is great, leave the skin side up and broil for 10 mins, crunchy chicken skin is "ono" (delicious) and the crockpot is the other alternative cooking method. For those of us who work and just want to come home and EAT. I hope this was helpful : )
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16 Oct 2004
Reviewed by: RHONDA35
I've watched my Filipino friends countless times fix Chicken Adobo. This recipe is very good. I personally skin whole pieces of chicken and place them in a baking pan. Mix up the vinegar/soy sauce/juice of one lime/5 bay leaves/4 pods of minced garlic/ 1/3 cup of cooking oil and water.. like a marinade. Then pour this mixture over the chicken.. cover and bake. The chicken comes out VERY tender and full of flavor. The juices in the pan are used as a topping to hot jasmine rice. This is a one pan dish in our house and fixed at least 3 times a month!
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12 Apr 2002
Reviewed by: LULUMARIE
Chicken Adobo is delicious when it's done well, and I learned while working in a Filipino restaurant. The chef uses sherry vinegar instead of plain. While the dish is generally characterized by saltiness (Filipinos love salty and sweet flavors), it shouldn't be overwhelmingly salty so you should be able to cut the salt. The sherry vinegar really makes it special.
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16 Jul 2003
Reviewed by: oogiwoogi
I tried this recipe at home and asked my filipino friend to come over for dinner. She didn't want to like my chicken adobo, because it was way too salty and something wasn't right with the taste. She told me that I could eliminate the water, add onions, and adjust the amount of soy sauce to suit my taste.
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17 Feb 2005
Reviewed by: CPADLAN
Pretty good recipe for people who have never had adobo, but if you want true filipino adobo, this is not it. Too much water, ended up stewy/soupy! I tried to boil some off but it was just not the same.
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17 Jun 2002
Reviewed by: KAYESIY
My boyfriend loves this dish. Everytime I want to get in his good side I just make this and he's putty in my hands. hehehehe
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08 Jan 2008
Reviewed by: R.M.
I could never get this recipe right, so I finally looked it up. I liked this one because of its simplicity, but I did tweak it a bit with the advice of everyone before me...first I sauted the garlic and onion, added my chicken to brown and then seasoned with pepper...NO SALT. Then added apple cider vinegar and lite soy in the amounts given. I added water to cover the chicken (didn't measure), added a huge bay leaf (or 2 small ones) and the juice of a lime. I let simmer on medium for 25-30 minutes until the juices reduced...I could hear the pot sizzling...that's how reduced. We all loved it...not too salty and the hint of lime is beautiful. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.
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30 Nov 2001
Reviewed by: AS2COOK
This recipe was very good, I took the advice from one of the reviews to not add salt, and I believe that helped. It was fine without. I plan to make it again.
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05 Jan 2008
Reviewed by: discogal
Growing up in Japan my parents always experimented with Asian dishes. I've been eating this for 20 years. But we make it a little differently. We start by sauteeing a sliced sweet onion in a couple T of olive oil with some minced garlic and brown the chicken parts in this mixture. Then we add the vinegar, soy sauce, some brown sugar, bay leaf, and water. When it's done we eat it over sticky white rice. Delish!!!
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06 Jan 2007
Reviewed by: AllisonM
My husband and I really liked this recipe. I did omit the salt as previous reviewers had mentioned and it was fine. I also used Chicken breasts because I prefer white meat. Instead of vegetable oil, I used olive oil. I served this with couscous and it was quite tasty!
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