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Sims spicy king prawns

This is a very easy and tasty prawn dish that the mates love with a few cold beers. Can be cooked on the BBQ too.
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27 Jul 2009
sorry forgot the lemon,, add just before cooking
29 Jul 2009
Something else. i just cooked this agian and this time drizzled over the prawns some dry white wine( about 3 tablespoons) while they were cooking,,really added a nice flavour to it
30 Dec 2011
Reviewed by: JC67
Thanks for the recipe, quick, easy and delicous. Has an authentic Thai flavour. Did this for Christmas day, cooked the prawns on the barbie, came up beautifully. My Mum loved them and she is not really a fan of seafood. Thanks again.
30 Dec 2010
Reviewed by: good-as-gold
This is a good recipe, will definitely make them again! The prawns came out nicely spiced although I would recommend to marinade them for longer.
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