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About me

Happily Married with two handsome boys (14 and 9) who enjoy cooking. I am making up two recipe books for them, similar to my own, with all the family favourites in, that they can take with them when they move out of home.

Favourite things to cook
Just about anything, savoury, sweet, stovetop, baking, Aussie food and International. But I do like to keep it healthy..... most of the time! I really enjoy spices (not necessarily hot) and strong flavours!
Family cooking traditions
Mum was an old fashioned English cook (not a very good one) and she hated vegetables, so everything was bland and overcooked! I started teaching myself to cook at the ripe old age of 12.
Cooking triumphs
Everybody just loves my Layered Guacamole Dip (an extension of guacamole) and my Sate Chicken/Seafood is always veeery popular.
Cooking tragedies
I nearly burned the house down when I was 12 trying to deep fry wet chips! The kitchen only needed minor repairs.

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