Welsh Recipes (25)

    Looking for recipes for bara brith, cawl, cockles and laver bread, Welsh rarebit, Welsh honey cakes or recipes using leeks?

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    This is how I make my cheese on toast, using beer and mustard! I can't get enough of this easy snack.

    Recipe by: TOMMI1001

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    A traditional Welsh fruit cake that uses cold tea to soak the fruit overnight. Also known as Irish Tea Brack.

    Recipe by: David

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    The fruit loaf is a traditional Welsh tea cake and is best eaten spread with butter with a cup of tea! Allow time to soak the fruit overnight. Check the cake after an hour, if it browns too quickly cover it with foil and return to the oven.

    Recipe by: kez87

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    This is my nana's recipe, and the pineapple is optional. This recipe is rich with onion and cheese. It has an egg mixed in to thicken it up. Enjoy.

    Recipe by: JuliettevanSon

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    Tiessennau (cakes) Mel (honey) is a Welsh (Cymreag) recipe for sweet little cakes.

    Recipe by: Journey

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