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Looking for authentic recipes from Turkey? Maybe you want to try making your own Turkish delight, tava, borek, lamb kebabs, dolmas or aubergine dip.

Top Turkish Recipes

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This is an easy recipe for Turkish bread that uses yeast and is cooked in a heavy based frypan. Use more flour if you need when you're shaping the loaves.

Recipe by: sharwna

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This is a Turkish recipe that is called Musaka (spellings may vary). It's a tasty twist on meat and potatoes.

Recipe by: Lisa

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This is a rich and nutritious dip, great with Turkish or Lebanese bread, crackers, tortilla chips or just spooned onto a salad! If you prefer to use dried beans, soak them overnight, then simmer in enough water to cover for approximately 45 minutes, until soft.

Recipe by: LGUROWITZ

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This is a popular Turkish dish which is usually made with lamb but this version uses chicken for a lighter result. Delicious with yoghurt and pita.

Recipe by: GATOULA

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I found this recipe years ago, and it, without doubt, the easiest, cheapest best way of making Turkish-style flat bread. Only 2 ingredients!! What could be easier?

Recipe by: purplegoddess

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