Lots of ricotta recipes for spinach and ricotta, baked ricotta, ricotta pasta and ricotta in dips. What a versatile cheese.

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    These savoury scones are made with soft cheese and plenty of fresh herbs – ideally a mixture of continental parsley, chives, thyme and rosemary.

    Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

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    A quick and easy adaptation of a non-vegetarian recipe. And its still flavoursome! If you can't get diced tinned tomatoes with garlic and onion - look for a chunky pasta sauce for a substitute OR add your own fresh onion and garlic.

    Recipe by: PetiteMiam

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    The first time I tasted baked ricotta cakes was when I was living near the Gourmet Platter store in Corrimal. Once a week they had tastings of new products and I fell in love with the texture and flavour of their ricotta cakes with ham and capers. The recipe isn't difficult and you'll be surprised how good it tastes. If you spend the time whipping the egg whites you'll find the texture similar to a souffle - llght and fluffy. As Philip said, "Just close your eyes and enjoy."

    Recipe by: IllawarraFood

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    Gorgeous individual tarts

    Recipe by: jag

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    A delicious biscuit with vanilla icing. Very moist and crumbly and very easy to make! It almost has a cheesecake flavour.

    Recipe by: PGOETZ719

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    An easy, cheesy, sweet Italian pie. This pie has a sweet base using honey and a ricotta, rice and almond filling topped with pumpkin seeds.

    Recipe by: MARBALET

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    Calzones are just like a pizza sandwich. Roll out pizza dough into individual portions and divide this filling between them. Fold each round in half, seal the edges and bake in a 230 degrees C oven for about 10 minutes.

    Recipe by: Holly

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    This is a simple recipe for a light and healthy lunch or dinner. The pre-made ricotta ravioli is served with a pea, eschalot and celery sauce.

    Recipe by: susanbl

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    Ricotta and spinach parcels or spanakopita are great savoury pastries that make a great lunch or lunchbox snack.

    Recipe by: Grant

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    A simple, delicious pasta that my friend Cathi created while living in Florence. Flavours you wouldn't think to combine mix wonderfully. Try and use nice, young tender ones. The fresher the ricotta, the better. How much you reduce the wine depends on your ricotta: if you have fresh, slightly runny ricotta you need to let the wine reduce a little more than half, maybe two thirds, or your end product will be runny.

    Recipe by: Rich Madigan

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