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    Sage is a slightly peppery herb which is often used in sauces such as sage butter. Sage is also popular with gnocchi and in poultry stuffing recipes.

    Top Sage Recipes

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    A simple and classic way to roast a whole chicken with sage and lemon balm. It comes out crispy and moist.

    Recipe by: Michael Bach

    24 reviews

    These roasted parsnips, flavoured with garlic, honey, fresh mint and sage, are just as delicious as chips!

    Recipe by: M.Fede

    1 review

    A succulent roast of pork and potatoes makes a magnificent treat for a family celebration or a winter dinner party. The sage and allspice in the apple sauce combine perfectly with the flavour of the pork to make it both aromatic and appetising.

    Recipe by: Lynn Cole

    210 reviews

    This delicious combination of gnocchi, cheese and sage makes a great side dish or a meal in its own right with a salad and garlic bread.

    Recipe by: Gina S.

    3 reviews

    This recipe produces a rich creamy sauce without the use of any cream. This sauce is also delicious with penne, fusilli or any other small pasta shape.

    Recipe by: Diana Moutsopoulos

    Sage Videos

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      Roast Turkey with Sage and Basil
    • videoTitle
      Roast Parsnips

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