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    Meat for vegetarians or simply a part of any great tasting meal, you can't go past mushrooms. Try these recipes for healthy great tasting mushroom meals.

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    An easy and delicious side dish for steak, this is comprised of mushrooms cooked in wine and garlic. Top with fresh chives.

    Recipe by: JUNEBUFF1

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    Looking for a vegetarian barbecue? Portobello mushrooms are your answer! These meaty mushrooms are great served on top of crusty bread. Melt cheese over them and top with wild rocket for a filling meal.

    Recipe by: BFOLLICK

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    Chicken pie is a favourite with my kids just like it has always been a favourite of mine. This is a creamy version with mushrooms and leeks topped with puff pastry.

    Recipe by: macaw

    1372 reviews

    Condensed cream of mushroom soup is easily made into a delicious sauce for pork chops. Serve with brown rice.

    Recipe by: mmcgee

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    For lovers of mushrooms and chicken. This is a tasty twist on an old favourite. Grilled chicken, with mushrooms and melted cheese! Quick and easy meal, in under 30 minutes.

    Recipe by: Lyn Wareham

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