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Whether you are looking for something kosher for Passover or just a taste of this great cuisine, start with this collection of recipes.

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5 reviews

Sultanas, walnuts and sugar-free apricot jam provide the sweetness in these delectable Jewish pastries. They look amazing but are simple to make.

Recipe by: Warren P. Silberstein, M.D.

8 reviews

Challah is an easy to make bread that is traditionally made for Jewish Sabbath but can be made and enjoyed all year round.

Recipe by: Joan Callaway

6 reviews

The dough of this rich egg bread is made in the bread machine but then braided and baked in the oven.

Recipe by: Ione Walker

5 reviews

A great biscuit for Purim, the Jewish holiday. Some people think the dough works best if refrigerated overnight, others if used immediately. You decide.

Recipe by: Sharon

5 reviews

This is a delicious chocolate brownie cake made with matzo meal instead of flour. We serve it at Passover.

Recipe by: GINGEE

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