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    Patties are the key ingredient in a burger and can be made out of beef, pork, chicken, fish or even beans. But you don't have to eat them in a burger, you can use them as the meat element of a normal dinner.

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    9 reviews

    These sweet chilli beef hamburger patties can be grilled, fried or cooked outside on the barbecue. They are loaded with flavour from cumin, coriander and herbs.

    Recipe by: Sarah Davies

    181 reviews

    Delicious salmon patties with Moroccan spices and served with garlic paprika mayonnaise. A great and slightly exotic dinner.

    Recipe by: Emily

    262 reviews

    Black beans and sweet potatoes are spiced with chillies, cumin and garlic, then grilled for a great vegetarian main or burger. They can also be fried. These black beans are not the Asian black beans in sauce but the Latin American-style black beans.

    Recipe by: CHRISTINA5362

    114 reviews

    These salmon cakes are very easy to make using tinned salmon (you could also use leftover salmon). Add any spices you like.

    Recipe by: Marianna

    245 reviews

    Fried tuna and potato cakes, something different to do with tuna. Ease up on the seasonings a little if you wish and use fresh garlic if you don't have the powder. Serve with salsa or mayonnaise.

    Recipe by: Raquel

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