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    The frequently used hot chili (or pepper) is popular in many recipes ranging from a spicy addition to soups, smoothies and sandwiches, to their stand alone fame in poppers.

    Top Jalapeno Recipes

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    This is a Thai version of pickled Jalapenos/chillies known as 'Prik Nam Som', It is used as a condiment and can be served with most spicy dishes.

    Recipe by: Toi

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    Give your margarita a fresh and spicy kick with the addition of hot jalapeno and refreshing cucumber.

    Recipe by: daddyyumyum

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    Eat this crisp and fresh salad with tortilla crisps or as a spread over corn tortillas and top with fillings of your choice, wrap and serve as a snack.

    Recipe by: J-Shep

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    Hot sauce made from scratch. You can find jalapenos at most supermarkets these days. Great with Mexican food.

    Recipe by: Rayna Jordan

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    This hummus has a little extra kick from jarred jalapeno peppers. Serve on pita bread as a fiery dip!

    Recipe by: Andrew

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      Jalapeño Cucumber Margarita

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