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    Chia is fast becoming one of the most sort after health ingredients making its way into all sorts of recipes from pancakes, to bread, to drinks and desserts.

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    I love finding ways to add a little oomph in nutrition to my kiddos favourite treats. We have become big users of chia, and heck, just to keep everyone's insides working well, we add a tidbit of psyllium husk. The bonus is that you can buy Chia at Coles now and a little goes a long ways.

    Recipe by: arentyoucute

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    Glorious little pots of goodness! The first layer of cool chia seeds and coconut milk is topped with a second layer of smooth mango puree. Easy to make, vegan, refined sugar free... truly a feel-good dessert!

    Recipe by: Magpie

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    These delicious muesli bars are packed full of goodness and they taste great too, my daughter loves them so much she won't eat store bought ones anymore.

    Recipe by: leekee

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    Sugar free, delicious, filling and healthy. Eat this with yoghurt and grated apple, or sliced banana etc.

    Recipe by: tracer2

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    These pancakes are super simple to make, gluten free, dairy free, and healthy. The pancakes are super smooth to eat and taste divine. The chia seeds option provides an extra health boost and a more interesting texture that is slightly crunchy.

    Recipe by: babyasha

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      Mango, Coconut and Chia Seed Pots

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