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    Chocolate is one of the most, if not the most used flavourings in baking. From traditional cakes, to tarts, slices and brownies there is a chocolate baking adventure awaiting you.

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    168 reviews

    Love chocolate? Love cheesecake? Have them both together by making this delicious chocolate cheesecake for friends and family.

    Recipe by: SUGAR.PLUM.FAIRY

    335 reviews

    These fancy mini gooey chocolate cakes are perfect for a chocolate fix. A good-quality plain chocolate is necessary for the success of these cakes.

    Recipe by: Russ Smith

    194 reviews

    This is the treat my children love to make themselves after a good term at school or when they have a friend staying. One cake is big enough to share between 2 children if you can convince them of it!!!

    Recipe by: Kairockz

    53 reviews

    This is a lovely, moist, rich chocolate cake, which can be eaten just on its own at any time. You can use any oil but I prefer olive oil as it's a nicer flavour. Store in a cake container no longer than a week but keeps longer in the fridge. This cake doesn't last, as everyone in our house loves it!

    Recipe by: Wenya

    556 reviews

    The absolute best, richest and easiest one-bowl chocolate cake recipe! It's heavenly when topped with chocolate cream cheese icing.

    Recipe by: Kelly Smith

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