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    The only thing better that chocolate is chocolate with something, whether a fruit like oranges, bananas, berries or even something more exotic like bacon.

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    A small banana is added to this basic brownie recipe for a hint of banana flavour. This is a fudge brownie and it does not rise much. Add 1/2 cup chopped nuts for more flavour. No mixer required!

    Recipe by: GLORIA LEE

    71 reviews

    The stewed apple in this chocolate cake creates a very moist crumb and a natural sweetness that makes this one of my favourite cakes.

    Recipe by: Karen Dunn

    190 reviews

    If you haven't tried it you'll be amazed how well zucchini complements chocolate. It also makes the cupcakes a bit healthier!

    Recipe by: jen

    129 reviews

    This twin layer fudge is easy to make, looks awesome and tastes great. Be a sure to use a good quality chocolate in the base layer and raspberry liqueur on the top layer.

    Recipe by: leeza

    23 reviews

    This recipe is a great way of getting kids to eat more vegetables and children seem to love it. Pumpkin or squash can be substituted in the same quantities for zucchinis.

    Recipe by: jeanniehow

    2 reviews

    This is a simple cake recipe that I used to make cupcakes. The amount of raspberries is a guide only - I had a handful of frozen raspberries leftover so I used them. You could use more.

    Recipe by: isobel

    42 reviews

    This is a great and quick sweet cake combining chocolate, cinnamon and sour cream with a pecan topping. Delicious!

    Recipe by: Nina

    8 reviews

    Soft, yummy, definitely heaven if you love chocolate delights - hell if you’re trying to lose a few kilos!

    Recipe by: CoOkIe MoNsTeR

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    This is a lovely and soft cake that is also great to make muffins from. It's great for a chocolate fix if you're lactose intolerant and can't have real chocolate! It took a couple of trial and errors to perfect the recipe (it's an adaptation of my apple and cinnamon muffin recipe) but it's now most delicious and my housemates love it! The cake/muffins will keep well for 3-4 days after baking, though will go stale after this. Happy baking!

    Recipe by: chorazy

    12 reviews

    This recipe is for rich and moist dark chocolate and coffee cupcakes with a silky Irish cream buttercream icing.

    Recipe by: han192

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