Vegetarian Fried Rice

    Fried rice is a great way to combine a lot of fresh vegetables and protien. There are a range of wonderful recipes to inspire your next creation.

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    I prefer brown rice in stir fries for its nutty flavour. Use whatever veggies you have on hand, like celery and capsicum.

    Recipe by: dakota kelly

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    This dish can also be made with leftover rice and whatever veggies you have in the fridge but this is my favourite version.

    Recipe by: Melinda Daniel

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    A quick way to use up cooked rice, healthy, add all and any vegetables of your choice. Kids will love it.

    Recipe by: Kairockz

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    I learnt how to make this no-rice fried rice when I discovered I had to be careful with carbs. My grandma died of Diabetic related diseases, so I wanted to make sure I didn't go the same way. This recipe is Diabetic safe and great for vegans, children and celiacs. The picture I have for this recipe is my first attempt which had a scrambled egg and peas in it. It was just as good, but I found that I don't do too well with egg, so I now eat this recipe instead. Both taste great though.

    Recipe by: regisfilia

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    This is a basic fried rice that is high in protein due to the eggs. It is a simple base that you can add other ingredients to like mixed vegetables or bacon.

    Recipe by: ekatwin1

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    This is my version - rice is mixed with soy sauce, egg, ginger and spring onions. You can use leftover meat like chicken as well, if you prefer.


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    Possibly the easiest fried rice recipe you'll ever find! You can add diced chicken, peas, etc to the rice and use up some leftovers.

    Recipe by: Emma226

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    You can use any veggies you like with this recipe but I think broccoli is best. It's actually better with leftover rice.

    Recipe by: HERCATE

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    This vegan fried rice has brown rice, carrots, onions and peas. Seasoned with garlic and tamari it is gluten free and also uses veggie stock in place of too much oil.

    Recipe by: Cattleya

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    The secret to the best fried rice is always to use cold cooked rice, not freshly cooked rice. Then the rice will not stick together and the texture will be better.

    Recipe by: 烟子

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