Chinese Fish

    Fish is a popular ingredient in Chinese cooking from simple battered dishes, to whole fish meals. Firm fish can even be stir fried.

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    Snapper steamed for delicate flavour and a healthy dish. It is best done in a bamboo steamer which adds its own special aroma.

    Recipe by: charsiew

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    In this recipe the fish is steamed on a bed of spring onions and Chinese cabbage. Serve with rice, using some of the sauce from the steamer. Trout, ling, bream or any firm-fleshed fish will work for this recipe.

    Recipe by: KAM_SUNG

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    Serve this delicious fish the traditional Chinese way with a selection of sides and steamed rice to create your own Asian banquet.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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    This is deceptively simple for such a tasty recipe. Serve it as part of a Chinese banquet with white rice and side dishes, or just by itself for lunch or dinner.

    Recipe by: tonytsang

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    A lovely Chinese tradition is to cook a whole fish and serve it as the centrepiece of a banquet. It's dramatic and not hard to make.

    Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

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    These delicious Chinese-style fish cakes will rival anything you can get in a restaurant. You can eat them as is, or use them as an ingredient in a stir fry. They can also be frozen.

    Recipe by: tonytsang

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    This is an easy pan fried fish dish that uses a sweet and sour sauce. If you prefer use fish fillets. Serve with rice.

    Recipe by: Bing

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    More commonly refered to as "Shui Zhu Yu", this delicious Szechuan boiled fish has dried red chillies, black bean sauce and Chinese cabbage. Topped with coriander to serve.

    Recipe by: Tao,RN

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    This is a Chinese recipe for simple pan fried fish with carrots and a basic chicken and sesame sauce; serve with rice.

    Recipe by: tonytsang

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    Rice porridge, sometimes called congee, is a very popular dish in many Asian countries, particularly when you are feeling under the weather.

    Recipe by: 小洋菊

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