Custard is a great dessert or afternoon tea option with there being many versions including baked custard, custard in a pie or a tart and homemade custard.

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    This is a Dutch type of custard called hopjesvla. You can use instant coffee or strong brewed coffee depending on how much you like the coffee taste.

    Recipe by: BRIGIT

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    A delicious custard pudding with a caramel sauce. This is served in individual ramekins - the perfect dinner party dessert.

    Recipe by: Bobby Kleinveld

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    A delicious traditional dessert which only has a few ingredients. Best when fresh rhubarb is coming into season.

    Recipe by: phaylock

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    These would make a great morning or afternoon tea snack. Even invite some friends around to share as this recipe makes 12 serves.

    Recipe by: abbze4

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    It's not quite a cake, it's not quite a pudding, it's not quite custard but it is very lemony and refreshing. Great with vanilla ice cream.

    Recipe by: Mare

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    The first time I tried cooking with custard powder in my cakes I was really pleased with the outcome, now it is one of my preferred options.

    Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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    Lovely with a cup of tea or coffee, custard tarts are actually very simple to make and best with homemade pastry.

    Recipe by: VANILLAU

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    This custard is excellent with sponge pudding or with our favourite hot fruit. It's pourable or spoon-able. To prevent a lumpy or scorched custard use a heavy bottomed saucepan and stir CONSTANTLY. Do not walk away while this is cooking.

    Recipe by: HappyMamaToThree

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    These no-cook vanilla slices have a white chocolate topping and taste so good that I guarantee you will really like them! It's easy enough for older children to make, too

    Recipe by: YUMMY3

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    This recipe uses no custard powder. Instead the custard is made from scratch from milk, butter, cornflour, icing sugar and eggs. It's sandwiched between layers of puff pastry.

    Recipe by: xXCourtneyXx

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