Applesauce Cake

    Applesauce (or stewed apples) is a great addition to many cake recipes and can replace refined sugar or act as a substitute for ingredients people are allergic to.

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    The stewed apple in this chocolate cake creates a very moist crumb and a natural sweetness that makes this one of my favourite cakes.

    Recipe by: Karen Dunn

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    This was in my mum's recipe collection that I inherited. You can substitute golden syrup for the treacle.

    Recipe by: sharon

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    This great tasting low fat recipe uses apple sauce instead of oil or butter and has lots of fruit and nuts.

    Recipe by: Sally Smircich

    239 reviews

    This apple cake that also includes sultanas, walnuts and spices is best served warm which makes a great dessert, warm afternoon tea or morning tea.

    Recipe by: Joanna

    72 reviews

    Stewed apples are used in this chocolate brownie recipe to create an amazing moist texture and sweet flavour.

    Recipe by: Carol

    157 reviews

    This is a very quick and delicious apple spice cake that only requires one pan and one bowl. Try it out and I think you'll be impressed.

    Recipe by: Glenda

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    Apple and cinnamon in cakes creates a warm, wholesome flavour. This one can be dusted with icing sugar and makes a wonderful gift or morning tea accompaniment.

    Recipe by: CORAL52

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    I love this cake as a dessert with ice cream or vanilla yoghurt but also enjoy the leftovers as a normal cake the next day.

    Recipe by: Shirley

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    This recipe uses premade apple sauce for a quick, easy and moist cake. You can ice it or just dust it with icing sugar.

    Recipe by: Jean

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    This apple cake uses brown sugar substitute but it is equally good make with sugar if you have no dietary restrictions.

    Recipe by: Jenny

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