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    There are cakes that are great for a snack, morning or afternoon tea; but then there are the cakes that are so decedent they are perfect for dessert.

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    Global Cuisine

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    This is a delicious alternative to traditional Christmas pudding but still is a serious and fruity dessert for the big day.

    Recipe by: Clare

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    This traditional style Swedish apple cake has a lovely rich texture and tastes divine, and is very simple to make. Served warm, with a good quality thick cream or vanilla ice cream, this dessert is guaranteed to please.

    Recipe by: kiki1978

    3 reviews

    This is a nice way to turn fresh raspberries into a sweet and tasty dessert. Really easy no bake recipe that the kids can even help make.

    Recipe by: MumAndMe

    22 reviews

    This is a tasty blueberry pancake recipe that uses fresh bluberries and a basic egg based batter. Perfect for any breakfast or dessert.

    Recipe by: rach15689

    3 reviews

    I first discovered this recipe a few years ago from one of my best friends, who found it on the back of a package of Philadelphia Cream Cheese. I've been making a slightly changed version of it ever since- it's one dessert I'm now famous for! It is so delicious I guarantee you, you can't stop at just one piece!

    Recipe by: citychick

    3 reviews

    This is a totally decadent recipe given to me by a bridesmaid. It is more a flourless dessert than a cake and, if cooked for a man on a date, will secure the relationship. The secret to success is in the cooking. Very hard work, but worth it.

    Recipe by: LOULOU73

    123 reviews

    This is a delicious dessert, a kind of combination of cheesecake, peanut butter and chocolate. Something in there to please everyone!

    Recipe by: ANGE_SHEPHARD

    2 reviews

    Use up unwanted/imperfect apples ( if you have fussy kids like me!) in this healthy low fat recipe. I have found this cake very useful for "bring a plate" or as dessert. Everybody asks for the recipe because it is so yummy, especially when still a little warm from the oven and crispy on the outside.

    Recipe by: angshergold

    152 reviews

    Yummy cheesecake cupcakes topped with sour cream and vanilla. Great dessert, easy to make and good with fresh fruit or jam.

    Recipe by: amazingpitbull

    29 reviews

    Fresh strawberries and rhubarb make a fabulous combination in this cake which is almost like a crumble. Serve as dessert with vanilla ice cream.

    Recipe by: Roxanne39

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